The world needs more compassionate leaders

Corporations, schools and communities around the world have neglected the core principles and values that connect and inspire us as humans.

With the fast-paced agendas, distractions, goals, lists and the urgency to pile on more, that disconnection has divided us and caused large gaps in social and company cultures, resulting in more stress, anxiety, unhappiness, unfulfillment and eventually burned out talents worldwide.

But they also burn through your emotional strength and intelligence, which influences your ability to make clear, conscientious decisions, preventing you from your own success, happiness and fulfillment.

Emotional GRIT establishes a new model of human leadership within and beyond the workforce – to build a more heart-centered, compassionate environment in companies, communities, schools and families – so that you can master your inner-self and positively impact the world around you.

“Dr. Neeta Bhushan is transforming the next frontier of leadership. Multi-dimensional using connection & abounding promise to shift the dialogue of human potential. Inspiring millions to understand their emotions during an ever changing and increasingly chaotic world."

Vinay Rai, Author, Philanthropist, Billionaire, Founder Rai University, India.

About the Author

Neeta is an emotional intelligence advocate, international speaker, host of the Revolutionary Leadership podcast, and is founder of the Global GRIT Institute. Neeta’s personal journey through navigating death, cancer, domestic violence, and divorce and how she overcomes extraordinary adversity began her quest to embark on her own self-discovery. Leaving her traditional career as a cosmetic dentist to embark on global advocacy championing emotional awareness and new thought leadership. After spreading transformational wisdom and inspiration to top level CEOs, business executives around the world, notable changemakers from various sectors and truly understanding human dynamics in traveling to over 45 countries, Neeta’s greater mission is to create a more heart-centered humanistic society realizing the capacity for change lies within the mastery of our emotional GRIT. Using empathy based solutions to push forth global impact in our communities and thereby shifting economies as a result.

The backstory of EmotionalGRIT

Time to rattle and shake your current thought process.

Over the last few years, I have been fascinated by human dynamics. It’s taken me to over 45 countries since this journey began 4 years ago, and more specifically after having sold my healthcare business last year it inspired a deliberate quest of discovering the unique stories of people around the world in over 45 countries.

Coming from the traditional Asian or (filipino & indian) background, culturally growing up it was taboo to share ‘feelings’ to think ‘outside’ the box and challenge, or argue ideas. While on the one hand, spiritual inquisition was encouraged in my home (my mom was catholic and father hindu), yet the strict Asian expectations of obligatory cultural obediences posed a different story specifically as a first born woman in the house.

I was encouraged to fall under the status quo: people pleasing, family pleasing, legacy and pride building-a great “box” on track to burst.

Through quite a few turning points of grit, adversity, and resilience I’ve arrived at a new dialogue and framework the past few years of authenticity and vulnerability. How this can essentially solve the “box” of society that we live in, how we are supposed to be, to live, to fuel the never ending ‘machine’ in this rat-race? This only leads to the fast track for burnout, mental angst, and disease- thus perpetuating the never ending cycle of an unfullfilled life.

Merging behavior & brain science with stories of emotional intelligence GRIT to inspire a mandatory change in our mindset, and approach to our own lives.

So, to encourage a new mindset of thinking, what about starting with honoring the reasons behind the decisions we make. Isn’t it time to question your belief systems, and spark a revolution of curiosity to shift your current pattern of solving problems in your own micro-sphere? Instead of leading with the “mask”, removing it once and for all to reveal a different side that is beyond the stories that are part of the past, yet charting forth a new frontier of action and the courage to rise tall as a result.

The bravado it requires to question the traditional norms and lead from a different lens. I’m calling it mastering your emotional GRIT.

The journey of the old story, the awareness of the present, and shift for the future.

New brink of solution seeking is on the horizon. To be champions and building an internal foundation so solid in authentic living that it spills over into the lives we lead. Creating a more humanistic, connected, and heart-centered society as a result.

Hope you're ready to ride this wave, because it's time for a revolution.

The journey towards EmotionalGRIT and why it’s vital more in our ever-changing world.

What has been the GRIT in your life?
The struggle.
The pain.
The challenge.
Chaos. The to dos.

How has that contributed the way you lead? In your business, life, relationships?

Guess what?

You don’t have to live by your past ‘stories’ or ‘circumstances’ anymore. This gives you permission to ignite a revolution.

So when will you take action?

The truth is:
When you grow, you are more aware.
When you are more aware, you are ready to reveal.
When you reveal a better version of yourself.
When you innovate, you are committing to action.
When you take action, you transform.

You begin a revolution in your current mindset. Time to be champions in building an internal foundation so solid in authentic living that it spills over into the lives you lead.

Creating a more humanistic, connected, and heart-centered society as a result.

Own your stories, shift your mind and redefine how you lead your life.