Learn How to Step Out of Fear and Into Greatness, Break up With the Expectations of Others, Recognize Your Self-worth, Shed the Image of Perfection, and Finally Reveal Who You Were Always Meant to Be

The Lessons you didn’t learn in school but SHOULD have. By learning how to harness your emotional confidence through developing your Emotional GRIT™ you will be able to:

  • Break-free from the expectations of others, society, family obligations, so that you can understand the incredible value of your worth and not measure it on what others think of you.
  • Shed the image of perfection in all areas of your life, & have the confidence to embrace and make mistakes, and learn from them.
  • Cultivate your emotional confidence in the workplace, with your boss, colleagues & community so that you can live your life stress free and manage your emotions effectively.

What You Will Gain By Joining The 8 Week Emotional Grit™ Bootcamp

  • Recognize your self-worth & be unapologetically you so that you don’t ever have to feel guilty about the decisions that you make.
  • Stop allowing others to take advantage of you, learning how to create your boundaries so you can stop being a people pleaser, and focus on yourself first.
  • Learning how to say NO, and gain the GRIT to protect yourself so you can say goodbye and release the toxic relationships in your life.
  • How to reduce the amount of stress & anxiety, so that you can finally achieve the potential that has been ultimately holding you back from stepping into greatness.
  • Remove the guilt that you feel for living a life, so that you can finally LIVE for yourself for the first time without worrying about the expectations of others.
  • Finally create a community that supports you because you finally have mastered your emotional confidence, and the Emotional GRIT™ to improve your personal relationships and thrive professionally.

Born and raised in Chicago as a first generation Filipino Indian to traditional Asian parents...

...or ‘tiger’ parents I was raised to be the Perfect Daughter.

Which meant- I had to be perfect for my pageant queen mom, and smart for my education driven father.

With ingrained strict cultural pressures, this idea of family legacy, pride, and image put unrealistic expectations and enormous pressure on me to pursue the quest for perfection in all areas of my life. In order to feel accepted, worthy and most of all loved.

I constantly struggled with having to be "the perfect daughter", to be the perfect wife, and to live the perfect life. You see, I lost 3 members of my immediate family all before I was 19, and was left to raise my younger brother.

Therefore, it propelled me to satisfy the expectations of my late parents, along with what society, and family obligations were of me.

I made some interesting decisions along the way which affected me both positively as a cosmetic dentist and entrepreneur building my practice to over 1 million dollars while traveling the world and inspiring thousands as a result. But also had a negative impact on my personal life in the decisions I made, especially around men in validating my self-worth: even getting myself married, divorced and hiding in a dangerously abusive relationship.

Now, it wasn’t until I left my marriage, and connecting all of my life’s chapters through death, divorce, cancer, and domestic violence and began my quest of self-discovery and self-love that the missing piece was emotional confidence- and my overall emotional wellness to #stepintogreatness.

15 Years Of Work Led To My Amazing Breakthroughs

If you’re like me, you may have grown up with the idea that happiness means to focus on others, and if you focus on yourself- you are selfish. But the truth is- the only way we can show up and radiate at the highest version of ourselves- is if we FILL our cups up first.

I spent the past 3.5 years developing myself after attaining all of the monetary and external ideals of what people deemed as traditional success on paper: the big fat Indian wedding, the million dollar home, the fancy cars, first class travel, and I was a successful doctor- but it was SO empty.  It wasn't until I was in the deepest throes of my depression- and began my quest of taking 100K worth of personal development, developing and enhancing my emotional confidence, attending numerous growth conferences, getting my hands on every book possible- truly investing in my emotional wellness which I lacked (and deeply knowing myself and accepting every part of myself!)

I THEN began to share this message in masterminds, women’s networks, and my foundation I created called Independent Awakening- and developed this insatiable thirst for transforming the lives of thousands of people: CEOs, entrepreneurs, healthcare professionals, college students alike to harness their Emotional GRIT™ allowing them to step into greatness.

Interweaving all of my life lessons, business lessons and all of the personal and development I’ve done I’ve nailed this process down into an easy to follow system that will help you reach your transformational goals.

I’ve focused on making sure that all the techniques I share meet my 3-E Promise to you: they must be Easy, Empowered and Effective.

For example, here are 3 simple tools that you can actually understand and apply just by reading one sentence!

  • Make a list of 5 things that you absolutely love about yourself, that make you uniquely you.
  • Make a list of how perfection currently plays a role in your life.
  • Write down the worst case scenario of what would happen in each of those scenarios if you were to ‘let go’ of being perfect.
  • Set aside (minimum) 5 minutes a day to read the list of those 5 characteristics that make you come alive.

If you do nothing more than just apply those 4 simple exercises every day you will begin to harness your Emotional GRIT™. Within a few weeks they will begin turning into major transforming habits. That is the power of this process that’s been proven and created for you.

Imagine being able to learn how to finally speak up for yourself without feeling judged. Being able to step out of your own way and thrive with emotional confidence and finally pull greatness towards you to shine in different aspects of your life. Finally be able to live without fear, without thinking if you are worthy enough, strong enough,and even be able to teach others your story in embracing your own failures which have made you who you are today- with your new found Emotional GRIT™. Finally living your life for yourself in breaking free from the ideals of what society, family expects of you and putting your desires first.

Here's The Course Overview

Week 1: LOVE. It all starts with you first. Get to know YOU.

Week 2: Truth. Let’s get CLEAR of your authentic purpose.

Week 3: Release. Nail down the FEARS that are holding you back #forgive

Week 4: Dig. Dive into insecurities, clear road blocks & create boundaries

Week 5: Uncover. Assess strengths & weaknesses, partnering with that ego.

Week 6: Focus. Break up with expectations, quiet the sideline noise.

Week 7: Reveal. Practice makes perfect, BOLD tools so that you are emotionally #fierce

Week 8: Elevate. An action plan for implementation of your BIG outcomes #stepintogreatness

Here's A Sample Of The Places Dr. Neeta Has Been Featured

Here's What Students Of Dr. Neeta Have To Say

Dr. Neeta is The Total Female Package and interweaves the convergence of cultural balance and exploring your own passions with productive ease in her course.  Many women and men relate to shedding the image of perfection and happily take the nuggets they learn from to move forward in creating their best lives.

Novalena J. Betancourt
Novalena J. Betancourt Author, The Total Female Package / SVP Communications, Mobile Incorporated

Neeta's voice, and conviction to end the legacy of the perfect daughter through her emotional confidence course is perfect timing for the many challenges and obstacles that we can definitely all relate to on our journey through professional hurdles and heartbreaks, to our own personal challenges. Don't think twice, just sign up and watch your life transform to greatness.

Whitney Smith
Whitney Smith Whit & Wisdom, Founder Girls For A Change

Neeta’s message and how she has taken her story and fueled into something both men and women can relate to with such ease in a ‘safe’ space. She allows you to be yourself. And as a former NFL player we are taught to shun our emotions. I’ve learned and I continue to learn from her, and believe that every single person can benefit from her courses and live events- it’s definitely helped me as a parent of a daughter.

Anthony Trucks
Anthony Trucks Former NFL player, Author, Speaker: Trust Your Hustle

Neeta’s messaging and mission around emotional wellness and self-love is vital, especially being a cog in the Hollywood machine for close to a decade, I have seen so many people - particularly women - give away all of their power to other people's opinions, decisions and ideas of what "beauty" should look like. Neeta shares these essential practical tools with others in order to guide them back to the present.

Melinda Cohen
Melinda Cohen E! News Anchor, Filmmaker/Producer, Founder at Smiling Heart Rebels

Neeta is an exceptional powerhouse in giving emotional confidence a voice that communicates heart, triumphs through her own adversities, and showcases her advocacy on helping others step into greatness.

Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson Founder En*theos, The Academy for Optimal Living

I’ve always struggled with vulnerability. As an overachiever, and consistent perfectionist I’ve found it hard to let me guard down. Working for the series where we encounter tons of speakers only bringing in the best, and then finding Neeta- her caliber, her messaging is exactly what our generation needs to give ourselves permission to step into greatness.

Cat Languido
Cat Languido Former Producer, Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday Series

How Much Will It Cost?

My one-on-one clients pay upwards of $10,000 for the same information you'll learn in the 8-week Emotional GRIT™ Bootcamp.  Since the course is online, with limited one-on-one contact with me the price is only $997.   But in honor of the Borrowed World Wisdom Summit the tuition is significantly reduced to $149

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  • Weekly exercises
  • MP4 audio to listen anywhere!
  • Emotional GRIT™ Bootcamp PDF guidebook to ensure you are on track with your goals
  • Community with other like-minds as an accountability group to learn, grow and get inspired!
  • Weekly check-in videos from Dr. Neeta with tips and additional resources

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Helping You Step Into Your Greatness,

Dr. Neeta Bhushan

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconHow do I know that what works for you will also work for me?

    I’ve worked with thousands of people in all different phases of their lives, from aspiring entrepreneurs, female executives, male CEOs, thought leaders, students, women in transition, healthcare professionals all that have this common theme of being able to embrace failures, and vulnerability. Over the past few years I’ve also identified proven patterns and systems which allow you to “fast track” your success.

    Additionally, the thousands of people that have heard me speak at a live session/event have walked away with essential tools to step into greatness. Your investment is 100% 30-day guaranteed.

    All you have to do is try it.

    In short:

    You’re getting access to THESE success strategies only, so you can be sure that you’re getting the very best emotional confidence tools, that we should’ve learned in school. Plus with a community that is able to support you and make sure you reach pivotal transformation in your life.

  • q-iconFinances are an issue for me

    We make sure that everyone’s finances are met!

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  • q-iconWill you be releasing other courses?

    Yes. One specifically for Healthcare professionals, college students, CEOs & aspiring entrepreneurs. But the Emotional GRIT™ Bootcamp will be the first course for everyone to take as it’s the entry level to achieving emotional confidence tools to step into greatness

    Now…are you ready to reveal your best self and elevate your world?