Resilience, conquering fears & embracing failure Part 4 of 5

OH let’s begin to bash those fears away. They are not you. Repeat, they are not you.
They are just warning signs that what you are actually doing is part of your growth.

Yes, you’re probably hooked, and you totally want more which is exactly why you’re already at this episode! Fears & Failures. I share some quite intimate stories of how I managed to leave a quite lucrative career in my million-dollar plus dental practice, yes I was a cosmetic dentist for about a decade (no it’s the Asian genes, not a prodigy).

Gems to soak up in this episode:
Embracing Failure and practicing being U N C O M F O R T A B L E
Realizing the “why” behind your actions
Committing and recommitting to your soul purpose (whatever that means to you)
What it’s like to start from scratch, and how failure is part of the damn process!

If this resonates, lands funny weird, goofy, or just plain right… Keep the comments, and the stories coming. Every single day is a new day for growth, the people you serve, the people around you 100% are benefitted by YOU. Never forget that.

Emotional GRIT