Resilience and emerging your new story Part 5 of 5

Okay ladies & gents. We’ve covered an awful ton in this 5-part series. Today’s episode is really all about unleashing your new story. You’re building your resilience. You’ve learned the key traits that’s going to be that juicy game-changer for greatness- so NOW it’s showtime baby!

What’s that new story looking like for you?

When you are in the process of re-inventing yourself YOU get to choose.

You get to choose because you have a nice blank canvas. Repeat. Blank CANVAS…

Yes, picture that beauty… There’s nothing on it. It’s white… serene, no tainted stains, no crinkled parts to it, no sloppy seconds, or incoherent messes… Just pure and waiting for you to begin writing a new chapter.

So in this episode… We are diving in:
What parts of your ‘old self’ get to come along?
What specific aspects of you are part of your now, NEW story?
How do you create your new found greatness, and what does it look like?
Which parts of yourself do you need to release, or no longer serve you?
What skill sets, people, community, mentors, advisors do you need in your life to reach that point?

So many gems, this is an ACTION packed episode so bookmark it if you are ready for the change that truly awaits on the other side.

Love- and please let us know if you enjoyed this mini-series! It was birthed out of necessity since so many people kept asking to talk more about resilience.

Hugs all the way around!


Emotional GRIT