Ep: 27 Anoopreet Rehncy, The UK – Tuesday: Jan 23rd

Anoopreet Rehncy, from London, a modern-day SHERO, representing nothing short of swag on this first episode of School of GRIT: Revolutionary HUMAN.
Anoopreet co-founder & creator of Ablackandwhitestory, a truth-telling, black and white sleek apparel line that is most highly acclaimed for getting A-list celebs like Beyonce & top Youtuber Lilly Singh to sport the simple yet powerful statement shirts- attributes her success to the relentless pursuit. Self-Proclaimed high-achiever, this former investment banker, graduate of London School of Business & Forbes 30 under 30 trailblazers is definitely setting the bar high when it comes to execution.
Here’s more of how she got started here, on her story of the nitty gritty:
2:30– what does it look like to be addicted to achieving?
3:58– chasing rat-race of success: here are the consequences.
4:36– the wake-up call, choosing your spirit over the money-driven pursuit of traditional success
6:25– When you are constantly trying to prove yourself
7:20– Channeling the food to your soul: invoking your creativity
8:05– When you believe in your idea so much, it takes over
8:56– How to truly embrace your real passions, “I’m not a banker”
11:36– Coping with rejection when you absolutely love your idea and raising money for investment
14:50- How to get Beyonce to sport your brand, the real backstory

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