Ep: 28 Ladies, time to revolutionize with your pee-buddy

That’s right, the device that is mega-revolutionizing the pee conversation for women, in the Revolutionary Human series today: tackling Deep Bajaj’s mission in New Delhi, India.
Deep Bajaj, the founder of the female urination pee- device helping women of India and around the globe- making urination a clean & easy to tackle in public places. Took matters into his own hands during a very personal story after witnessing his own pregnant wife have major difficulties squatty over public toilets in New Delhi.  A serial entrepreneur,  in this episode we discuss mad resilience, optimistic scrutiny, and unstoppable pursuits- especially in an industry which is a taboo topic, and that too in India.
Dive into the juicy parts of today’s conversation:
3:05-  Necessity is the mother of all invention… Origin story of the pee buddy, ‘are you insane’?
4:50 – How to a cultivate deep sense of empathy for your avatar, or customer profile.
5:24 – Recognize how to tie in the greater problem you are willing to solve for your company or industry.
5:56- Facing extreme resistance, being the butt of all jokes, intense self-doubt, and building resilience for the problem you wish to solve.
7:17– Understanding and embracing the scrutiny to improve your own GRIT, and keep pushing your mission.
9:04– Challenges of emotional health as an entrepreneur, no need to ‘suffer in silence’
10:35– Tips on taking bold and courageous action with yourself first through any dark challenge.
11:37-  When is it okay to seek help, as an entrepreneur in any part of the world.
12:15- Cultivating your internal resilience for optimal performance and stress management.

Ladies, grab your pee-buddy before you board your next flight, guys you’ll be glad you got one for your ladies here on Amazon, or check out their full story & product line: www.peebuddy.in

Emotional GRIT