EP 29: Bullied burlesque dancer to media vixen, revolutionizing media with your truth

Claire Antsey
Meet Claire Antsey. She’s the founder of Citizen 89, who’s been one of the most vivacious media vixens in the UK at BBC, serving both sides while interviewing tycoons like Richard Branson, to now creating a VC backed PR platform specifically for entrepreneurs.  She’s unapologetic. She’ll tantalize you with her voice, incredibly charming & will command a room just by the aura of her presence. We met at an entrepreneurial gathering we are part of called A-fest, and got into a fireside chat at Soho house in London.
Exploring the nitty gritty of her tale of Emotional GRIT which did not start where she is today.
During this jam session, you get why it’s important to face some of the ‘dirty secrets’ in your life, aka the unwanted emotions that aren’t so glamorous for us an entrepreneurs.
Claire shows us, that in until fully face our skeletons that we tend to hide, and embrace all of our flaws fully- it’s only then we can shift into what we should be showing up as.
Powerfull message for everyone here! 
4:05 – Proving people otherwise, face to face with yourself.
5:05- How your life changes in an instant of a tragedy.
6:02- What your greatest heartbreaks propel you into who you are today
8:45 – How to manage your own inner critique, and how to be there for someone who has faced thoughts of suicide or intense negative emotions
9:13- Dangers of not loving the life you live today.
15:02 How to use PR to your advantage as a new entreprenuer
15:48 Importance of sharing your story 
19:19- In order to change the media, we need to be in it. 
20:00- Awakening your passions through failure

Emotional GRIT