EP 30: Into the mind of India’s top VC & conquering Mt Everest: From Slum life to big dreams

Rahul Narvekar
With CEO of The India Network & Founder of Scale Ventures
Rahul is your poster child for emotional GRIT of entrepreneurs. Growing up in 100 square ft of the Mumbai slums, his story is nothing short of extraordinary.  He is one of the leading Venture Capitalists in the Indian startup scene, has spoken at globally mentoring & advising entrepreneurs at Harvard, IIT-INDIA, among other places. His super powers have come from building, scaling and exiting 5 startups, and is pouring his heart to turning the impossible to possible. Notably, his most recent efforts have been the first ever to climb base camp of Mt. Everest on his CPAP. He is someone we all can learn mounds from.
So listen in! Be sure to share this with ANYONE who has experienced any challenge in their busines, startup, or vision. This may rock your world…
Nuggets for you… 
3:02- Humble beginnings growing up in the slums of Mumbai, be proud of your roots 
4:06- Taking your ‘bad’ experiences and reframing to a positive, always.
5:18- Using your tenacity to learn as your super power
6:30- The era before Google, and how to celebrate your progress at each step on the journey 
8:31 – When your greatest points of adversity becomes your biggest teacher 
9:24 – Use the power of connecting with others with passion.
12:26 – Why “no” can be the best medicine for any entrepreneur 
15:01- How boundaries work to define you, and make your life easier 
19:21 – When life happens personally, how to still show up with changing your mindset 
22:04- The journey to mt everest base camp 
25:20- Living a full life 
27:01- Most pivotal Advice when you are pitching your idea or gaining investment funding, from a VC
Learn more about Rahul and his newest vision to connect all entrepreneurs of India: http://www.theindianetwork.in/

Emotional GRIT