EP 31: – Unapologetic in claiming your vision, how Tejas began the conscious wellness movement in India

Tejas Devang

Well friends, this global Author & socially-conscious entrepreneur Tejas decided to go back to his roots & merge the ancient knowings of Indian Ayurveda & blending it with sustainable elements being the first organic, vegan eatery in bustling heart of New Delhi, India.

Fusing the business background as a trained Babson College Alum, living between Singapore & San Francisco- Tejas felt called to bring back the conscious living lifestyle he learned from his roots back in India. Thus creating the first ever wellness & conscious living lifestyle space which duals as an organic vegan & wellness cafe, as well as a gathering for yoga, sound healing, meditation workshops, lifestyle balancing workshops drawing large groups to the one of a kind space in all of New Delhi, India.
On this episode you will learn about how you can infuse your own beliefs into the workings of your business, no matter what the naysayers think. As well as huge reminders of the result of being the example of disruption & change you wish to make in your community.
This is revolutionary: entrepreneurs.
Easily digestible bites:
3:43- The Hero’s journey, mixture of desi roots with western influence
5:56- Waking up to the ‘aha moment’, and the awakening of another way…
7:20- How to begin reversing the trend of society, when it’s not the status quo.
8:45- Bringing back culture to old age eastern philosophies of healing to a metropolitan city that craves to ‘be’ more like the west.
9:08- Being unstoppable with a mission to bring conscious living back to its roots, in India, how to create a movement larger than yourself.
12:50– Create a vision that can spread throughout the world, based on your values versus monetary gains.
15:43– Small wins, are your keys to success in any venture.
18:30– How to create ambassadors for your movement and when to plan seeds.
19:35– Knowing who to keep as advisors throughout your entreprenuerial journey and not being ashamed about having close circle of support.
21:38– Defining what your greatest strength is distinguishing your key trait
23:45– What is your bold mission in the problem you are trying to solve.
26:00 How to adopt a conscious living lifestyle in your life
To learn more about Devang House & conscious living, visit: https://www.devang.house/

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