EP 32: From Brazil to Singapore, how this female ladyboss is shifting the conversation for women in tech

Lais de Oliviera

Hey Gamechangers! Today’s super exciting episode was part of a resilience global workshop tour I gave to some entrepreneurs in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. On this episode, you’ll hear about the sneak peak journey into Lais CEO & startup founder of 8spaces (formerly known as Flyspaces)- and how this Brazilian native conquers the tech startup scene throughout Singapore & Malaysia. Lastly, how you as entrepreneurs tend to forget about self-care & taking time to prepare your mindset through the toughest times in your business & in life. 

What to gain from this episode:
1:37- What happens when you get acquired from your largest competitor?
1:52 – Being aware when you are putting others’ priorities ahead of your own, and being ahead of burnout. 
2:48 – Some of the big challenges as an entrepreneur in terms of romantic relationships, and how to navigate those sticky situations that can arise.
3:15- Understanding the dynamics between male and female entrepreneurs and how to draw clear boundaries when working with them
3:58- a Scary truth that often occurs with female entrepreneurs & masculinity
4:20 – Embracing more feminine styles of leadership, and how to not be batshit crazy
5:03 – When to recognize your great superhero power, and how to execute on it
6:20- The power of saying NO, and how it can change everything
8:15- Cultivating self-compassion with boundaries, to avoid being so tough on you.
9:57- Honoring the people around you that make you a better entrepreneur
11:14 – Sharing experiences for growth and how it catalyzes your decision making for yourself & those around you.
12:40- Pay attention to the small things that may arise in your personal life, and work through them.
To learn more about Lais, check out http://www.8spaces.co/

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