EP 33: Conquering Eating Addictions & Depression as an author & Fearless ladyboss.

MJ robertson

Say what?

The dirty secret here, is you don’t have to do this on your own. Life can be hella hard at times. We got you though!
Here’s what’s up on the episode of Rev: Humans. Bringing Gritty gal, author M.J. Robertson to the show who created an entire movement on crushing fear and embracing your badass bold self. A best-selling author, and advocate for healing our health as a survivor of anorexia/bulemia and bipolar disorder- MJ is your modern day SHEro. She shares the rawness of facing her dark demons as she champions it to the world.
Who wants a piece of this? We get all tied up at times with multiple projects, family, and then life happens. We adult. We f*$K things up. Who said it was going to be perfect anyway.
Well, embrace your sh&t storms and hang with us this week- she may make you giggle about your quirky insides too…
What to expect?
2:25- Super-she-ro origin story, where does MJ come from?
4:07- How to recognize when your in a bad beat, a funky, depressive state
4:56- Early condition set  you up to be inside the matrix, and when do you get out.
5:15- Shifting your inner game, when you weren’t given the environment to master the game of your emotional health.
6:06- Being human, and knowing when to embrace the shitty.
10:37 – Rising through the ashes of life.
12:00- What are the patterns that drive you, and how to instantly shift it to heal yourself automatically.
16:20- Is there a difference between how men & women perceive emotions?
18:24- Hurt people, hurt people. How to stop the cycle.
And join her mission: https://www.alltolove.com

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