EP 34: From Corporate Consulting to Serial LadyBoss Entrepreneur Failure is part of the rolodex  

Lu Li

This woman, is divine on SO many levels. She’s the ambassador for Women’s Day, Fierce Asian raised by tiger parents with traditional weight on success. Her rise was when she decided to leap into her next chapter, leaving lucrative consulting gig at Procter & Gamble for a chance at lifting other women.

She’s founder of Blooming Founders, a community curated for the growth of female entrepreneurs in London, UK. Born in China and raised in Germany. With her wide appeal of resilience, tenacity and cultural pot of immersion, she’s fierce at rolling with change.
You’ll get a sense of how she leads, & she may inspire you to leave your current gig too.
Gems on this week’s episode:
2:25- What the is #1 thing you can do right now to propel you forward to making your entrepreneurial goals REAL.
3:23- What we fail to recognize when hustling as a new entrepreneur (seasoned ones this is for you too!).
4:19- Combatting external pressure, and on the achievement track…to burnout.
4:36- When to remove your mask, when people around you keep their masks on…
6:40- The big ‘aha’ moment, knowing when to leave and listening to that trigger.
8:22- How to incorporate your gifts to your next chapter and fuse it with what you wish to build.
10:00- Your next chapter, is someone’s current dream. Honoring your different roles and phases in your life.
12:23- Serial entrepreneurship: Defining failure
14:27- What problem are you solving?
17:34- When to know you are burning out?

If you’re an entrepreneur, ladyboss, and looking for community- join http://bloomingfounders.com/. You won’t regret it!

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