Ace Callwood, Accelerating Productivity & Creativity with Cafe beats

Ace is a creative architect, educator, serial entrepreneur, with a love of efficiency and freedom for entrepreneurs- Ace has created two ingenuitive platforms: Painless1099 which is tax withholding for freelancers/1099ers as well as the co founder of Coffitivity. Coffitivity is a space that recreates the ambient sounds of a cafe to boost your creativity and help you work better. (Folks, why not!). Not only does it enhance the brain experience, but it makes sure your day is super productive too!

A little more on this: from the coffetitivity site.

According to a peer-reviewed study out of the University of Chicago, “A moderate level of ambient noise is conducive to creative cognition.” In a nutshell, this means being a tiny bit distracted helps you be more creative. This is why those AHA moments happen when we’re brushing our teeth, taking a shower, or mowing the lawn! If we’re not focused too much at a task at hand, we come up with awesome stuff. In the coffee shop, the chatter and clatter actually distracts us a tiny bit and allows our creative juices to start flowing. It sounds crazy, but it works!

If you’re an entrepreneur, a creative, or a visionary- you definitely do not want to miss this. His interview had everyone in our studios in New York wanting more. We explore simple yet concrete solutions for the everyday entrepreneur, which was part of his journey in the multiple businesses he has been able to scale. He is an associate professor at Virginia Commonwealth business school, where he inspires others to play outside the realm of what is comfortable while, finding practical simplicity to solve some complex problems.

Calling all who need a big kick to get started, a nudge of inspiration here are some nuggets you will be sure to take away from today’s episode:

What inspires your productivity? How are you being more efficient in your day? Can you think of solutions, other services that you can provide in parallel with what you already do?

For more information on painless1099, which i highly recommend for any freelancer, creative, definitely check out painless1099.com, and get your coffitivity on at coffitivity.com

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