How to maximize your business while growing authentically

So, what does a young boy growing up in the most rural parts of India with a vision so strong that lands him to become head of a multiple million dollar digital education platform providing personal growth and spirituality to millions around the globe have in common in being revolutionary? Well you guessed it, commitment, brand loyalty, and focus. In this heart- opening interview, we speak about some of his early challenges in finding his voice, and the sweat equity that is mandatory for success in any industry.

Ajit has coached multiple businesses and their leaders taking them from six figures to seven figures through his ninja skills of online presence, digital marketing, and a different perspective of a global landscape we are now entering. He’s known for his mastery of putting your face to the digital online market with some of his videos attaining over 250K views!

This is a must listen to- and be ready to get inspired, take notes, and incorporate the tiny shifts he talks about that have compounded into massive amounts of success. To get connected with Ajit, go to www.evercoach.com

Emotional GRIT