Hollywood gal & women’s advocate now revolutionizing education through compassion, Gina Otto

Global entreprenuer, #1 best selling children’s author and international speaker Gina Otto has tons of advice for young leaders. Founder of ChangeMyWorldNow.org it starts with your voice. Being relentless in your pursuit. She has been the pioneer of self-love and conquering self-doubt in young children throughout the globe. Her #1 best selling book Cassandra’s Angel inspired a wave of a new mission to spark children’s education using compassion as the tool for innovation, purpose, and connection.

After globe trotting, speaking, modeling, and spending time with children from all walks of life, listen in as she speaks about her relentless vision for the future leaders. How kindness heals, unites, and how compassion is the new currency for pushing forth humanity with Change My World Now.

What you’ll be loving out of this episode:

  • Gina’s journey and without a single drop of knowledge in starting any of her companies, she always trusted her internal voice and did not give up.
  • How does a best-selling children’s author begin an ed-tech company? What does that mean for you jumping for visions you may not know how to begin, the first step is to recognize it.
  • Inspirational nuggets to keep on point wherever you are in your business, and in your life.

For more information, and how you can learn more about her mission, check out changemyworldnow.org

Now, listen in for this week’s juicy episode.

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