Beneath the glitz, tackling the taboos of depression in Silicon Valley with Shaan Shah of MakerSquare

How often have you struggled with self-doubt? With feelings of imposter syndrome, that you can’t have it all, or there’s not enough time, will I fail, or how can I get up in the morning?

For many of you, you make call this a funk, period of sadness, perhaps anxiety, stress or overwhelm. From a multicultural background, or if you are South Asian or indian, many of you many suffer this on your own. You may believe that no one will understand you, your fears, your ‘crazy’ thoughts- that they may just not understand. But, this episode, is your permission- and this story is not uncommon- majority of us suffer in silence. For Shaan Shah, the brilliant creative mind, entrepreneur, mentor, and investor shares his story. Founder of MakersSquare, one of the well known coding schools responsible for much of the talented engineers and coders in Silicon Valley- opens up about his real world struggle as a South Asian male undergoing the depths, and taboos around depression and mental health. Now, a global inspirational speaker, he champions mental health advocacy for entreprenuers, young men, and future leaders.

You definitely do NOT want to miss out on this episode.

For the juicy chunks, here’s some takeaways:

  • Notice how the overwhelm of our emotions can debilitate your decision making, and how have you managed this in your own lives?
  • Do you know anyone that suffers in silence, how can you be of support to them?
  • Take note on how to prevent ‘burnout’ ‘anxiety’ and ‘overwhelm’ in your day to day lives, do you have a daily stress management protocol?

Mental health is a serious concern. Shaan is available for outreach, https://shaanshah.com/ , and can be hired to speak to your group, team, and conferences.

For now, enjoy this week’s show.

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