Ecuadorian #ladyboss Veronica Cabezas on wild resilience with the determination of pursuing your wildest dreams

Veronica’s story is one of wild resilience, born and raised in Ecuador. She was meant to land in the booming capital of the world, New York City. Without an ounce of English, getting to the US, and pursuing every single passion while trusting all of the ups and downs of her journey in the process, she is now co-founder of GenoStyle, where fashion meets technology. She reports, if she stayed in Ecuador, she would probably be married with two kids, a traditional home, without any strive for the possibilities that exist through the other door.

Her story is not only inspirational, inviting, and a fun ride- but just a reminder how much we are architects and creators of our own story. Every single day, you get to create, change, manifest, how you wish to show up in the world- no matter what the circumstances. So, my loves dream big- dream lavishly, set it out- and go for the chase. It’s never, ever too late, let Veronica’s story be that pillar and share it on. She is a mentor, advisor, fabulous chef, and lover of all things spiritual as well as on a mission to shift the way we shop.

Nuggets of wisdom for you to digest here in this episode

  • It’s never too late to go for the chase
  • What is the biggest thing you have ever created? What were its challenges and what did you learn?
  • Determination, resilience, and willpower characteristics to rise during any situation

Listen in for more, you may just fall in love with her like we did!

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