Igniting contagious passion for connecting humanity with one golden thread with former serial entrepreneur Jeff Scult

Wisdom collector, truth seeker, passionate storyteller, provocateur of words, and lover of all humans Jeff Scult has quite the story. From a headstrong, type a- serial entreprenuer now turned open mic artist, global strategist, and on a social mission to drive change from every angle, and every corner of the world- to wake humanity into an interweaving spiral of love.

He shares the wisdom of his heart and the reasons why each of us make the decisions that we make, yet when we finally ‘awake’ is the tune of your own heart finally beating for you to live your life with the truth you have always been seeking through self-love first. Ride out this magical carpet ride, and see how the stories of entreprenuership, travails of life and the lessons of love shape each morsel of who you are. You may come away with a new sense of purpose, a pause of reflection to see what is truly aligning with your life and most importantly in your heart.

The juicy pearls gained from this wisdom-packed session- we are going deep, so here’s some things to consider…

  • How are you living and driving purpose on your own terms
  • When you feel stuck, what outlets do you have to navigate the challenges, how can you cultivate more self-love or ‘self-compassion’
  • We are on this planet to love, to live, and to share, which gifts do you need to share now…

One Golden Thread is a movement, to unite, serve, connect, humans around the world. Are you ready to be part of this mission? Onegoldenthread.com

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