Dedication for service, and building heroes with legendary Erwin Valencia, New York Knicks

What happens when an eager young black sheep Filipino boy from Manila, the Philippines with an unrelenting desire of extreme service to be part of something bigger, ends up in the heart of new york city as the head of the medical department with the New York Knicks basketball team?

Erwin Valencia, international sports medicine movement expert, with a passion of mentorship, basketball, dance and bringing education to his home country of the Philippines is becoming one of the most watched and inspiring men to follow. In this jam session in between the basketball games just as the season was beginning last fall, he took some solo time with me in times square to chat about this life coming back from one of the most incredible human experiences on the planet- burning man. If you haven’t gone, it may be an experience that will change your life forever.

We explore explore this next phase of his life outside of medicine, all about service- and why service is the answer to joy and abundance in life. After all, we all are looking for more fulfilled lives, right?

What nuggets will you gain from this jam session?

  • What types of service can you do incorporate, or create for others in your life?
  • What happens to you when things don’t go as planned? How has this shaped your thinking?
  • What experiences would to like to add to discover different aspects of you- expanding you into the fullness of this life

Emotional GRIT