Journey through career for the quest for truth with former Editor NYC Cosmo Latina, Michelle Herrara’s Wish

Born from immigrants, Michelle’s shares her humble beginnings and the surefire way she and her family was able to bounce back through some of the toughest times in ensuring the “American Dream”. Yet, she has always been unashamed in asking for help. She believes that it’s in the moments of the most uncomfortable asks lies the opportunity for your next evolution.

A playwright, former editor, screenplay artist, and storytelling prowess she shares her purest wisdom, as I was SO thrilled she could sit down with us before leaving on her much-awaited trip to Bali, Indonesia.

This extra special jam session will leave you with SO many pearls, and a different lens to think about when you are planning your next steps. We are beyond thankful for you Michelle!

Nuggets to gain from this week’s jam session

  • What is your variety of life? Where do you get it from?
  • When do you have your time of conduction?
  • How to ask for help, to facilitate your biggest desires and pivotal next chapters.
  • Can you think of certain relationships in your own life, where the origins came from and how it has evolved in your life?

Now, enjoy this week’s episode!

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