Exploring the curiosity of bras to embracing sassy body image with soul, women’s empowerment advocate Kim Kimmay

This curious lingerie expert who gathered the trail of her experiences beginning with coming to New York City on a mission to be singing on broadway, had different plans. As life generally throws curveballs for us to take that sometimes shape our lives- Kim Kimmay’s take was certainly more than she could hope for. Her witty sense of humor, her articulate prose, and passion for servicing women was undeniable. So much so, she began her own lingerie marketing agency and also empowers women with body image running workshops monthly both virtual and live. Direct, bold, and knows her niche very well, she’s inspiring women of all walks not only in the fitting room but in the living room.

How many of you know your clients/patients/guests’ desires so deep? How can you serve them at your highest level? Kim’s experience, love, and passion will keep you connected and thirsty for more, and thankfully there’s more where you can gain some fun pearls!

Sweet gems for you to take home in this episode?

  • How often do you really ‘serve’ your clients/most important humans in your life? What questions do you ask in discovering their ‘needs’
  • What experiences shaped you to where you are, and why?
  • Think of a setback, or challenge you have recently faced what were the learning lessons?

For more on Kim, or to join her circle of badass women, check her out here http://hurraykimmay.com/

Enjoy this week’s incredible episode!

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