Exploring the curiosity of bras to embracing sassy body image with soul, women’s empowerment advocate Kim Kimmay

Stereotyping in the South Asian culture is big bananas. If you’re not a doctor, dentist, lawyer, engineer – than who are you? Challenging the typical mindset are two brilliant co-founders, Arpita & Shubra I came across in the heart of NYC deeply impassioned with their mission to disrupt. If it’s not bollywood, and not Indian classical dance- what would you call this Hypokrit theatre in the heart of NYC? Sitting down and learning about the obstacles in creating the first ever theatre in the US that embraces classical storytelling in the art of playwriting merging eastern traditions and western traditions at its finest.

Creatives and transitioners this is for you. Those of you curious about shifting gears, listen in as this is important for you because

  • In this episode, we peel back the layer on the tenacity of anyone in startup mode,
  • Or a creative, speaker, or dynamo that has a long term vision, and is willing to dive deep to conquer fears, and blaze paths too few are willing to keep tenacity through.
  • Transitioners, you will get inspired on why you should go for those dreams, because the journey is worth the wild ride- and mostly unexpected.

I was blown away by the amount of support this theatre has received on a global scale. If you are in NYC definitely check them out, and be sure to tune in for this week’s precious pearls to add to your chain. Please share your comments below, I would SO love to hear from you! Visit www.hypokritnyc.org for more info.

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