Cultivating Resilience Part 1 of 5 Series

In this 5- part series, we dive deeper into the biggest issues facing us as a society today.
Based on my best-selling book: Emotional GRIT: 8 Steps to Master your Emotions, Transform your thoughts & Change your world I have been getting asked to speak a ton around Emotional Resilience and how it affects schools, communities, organizations, corporations and even relationships.


Did you know that most of the pharma drugs on the market are developed around emotional & mental illnesses. By this I mean everything from anti-anxiety, anti-depression, to focused-medications, and bipolar disorders. It’s shocking because it’s been highly taboo to discuss how your emotional management affects every pillar of your being from your brain to your individual cells.

Since I’ve lost my family to emotional-related diseases that have manifested in our bodies, it’s been a strikingly pivotal conversation to shed light and bring your awareness as well as an understanding & community around this topic of health that affects us on the daily.

Your resilience & your ability to understand your emotional health is a large part of how you show up every single day. In work, in the projects you work on, with your families, and your perspective in life. We each have the same 24 hours, yet it begins with your emotional health and the decisions you make to ensure you can make a switch at any point in time, shall you choose.

Your main nuggets in this oh so juicy, punchy, and real- talk episode:

  • Gain insight on why resilience is important
  • Look into your own lives to see where resilience has played a role
  • Understand your perspective & perception

Emotional GRIT