Building your Resilience Part 2 of 5

Striking in HAWT. Okay… It’s go time, because we are peeling away some nasty layers.

That is if you’re ready to go deep. Today we’re going in, building that emotional 6-pack and going into 11 characteristics of incredible humans.

Yes, these are humans throughout the world in my research in traveling across 45 different countries, interviewing titans, heros, game changers, and visionaries on what it takes for revolutionary leadership.

What we discovered is nothing short of SHOCKING.

So here’s why you should listen in, and grab your pen & papers, okay iphone too…

Learn the main ingredients for success- internally
Why it’s vital to build your internal foundation
Understanding the different aspects of resilience in your own lives

Any comments, concerns, I SOOO wanna hear them pretty please =).

Emotional GRIT