Dedication for service, and building heroes with legendary Erwin Valencia, New York Knicks

This trailblazing entrepreneurial wizard, and It Girl Founder, gives some brilliant tips for any woman beginning their business or building their brand. She’s an award-winning business strategist who has mentored thousands of women globally. She has founded multiple companies in wellness and growth industries, shares the trials and errors with working with her best friend and husband Faiz, while traversing the world and living out of their suitcase for over a year in a half.

Ladies, I encourage you to grab your pens & paper, a cup of tea, and take some notes. This is definitely going to rattle your current thought process, and exponentiate any new business idea that you’ve been muddling on ;), yes we’ve got you covered.

Some juicy gems on this week’s jam session:

  • Who is your biggest advocate? Where do you draw your inspiration from?
  • If you can start today, what is one thing you can focus on to get you on track with your business idea, or side hustle?
  • How often are you willing to devote, weekly, daily, monthly to grow and prosper this ‘baby’?

For more on Jessica and her movement, or to jump onto her free resources, check them out here: http://jessicanazarali.com/

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