Cultural Lifestyle Weaving Into Love & Free Thinking

Gina has worked in the entertainment industry since she was 14 when hosting a Persian satellite music talk show. She received her bachelor’s degree in Journalism in Los Angeles, and moved to New York City where she continued her passion — working at CBS, The Daily Meal, and Penguin Random House. She is a polished writer, storyteller, and strategic communicator with a strong passion for open culture. Gina started blogging in 2010 and since has launched www.WhatTheDoost.com — a publication with over a dozen writers. Focusing on inspiring original content centered around fashion, food, travel, lifestyle, and human interest pieces.

Learn what happens when “life happens”, when you surrender to doing what you love, and being revolutionary in the precious moments of life. This is our FIRST episode, so we apologize for the static, but understand there is SO much value in the stories we bring to light, so thank you for being part of the journey.

Doost comes from her last name which is multicultural, but the word “doost” also means “friend,” “to like,” and “to be in love” in her native cultures of Afghan, Farsi, and Hindi. Listen on in the conversations that we explore lifestyle, love, and what it means to be revolutionary during fashion week in New York City. This took place on a windy rooftop in battery park, so i apologize for the windy noise, but lean into the message and you a follow Gina at whatthedoost.com

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