On purpose, determination & relentless willpower for humanity

Jean Paul, a dental hygienist who moved to the USA from Haiti at the age of 21 and is now getting his undergraduate degree, is passionate about bringing better dental care to children in Haiti. He is addressing tooth decay in Haiti by bringing dental supplies, volunteer dentists, and education to primary schools, where the teachers are included in the prevention training to ensure long-term follow through. With an initial donation of dental supplies and a strong network of dental professionals interested in his service mission, Jean Paul can help the children at a school he has already identified and also scale his program over time. He believes that he can prove this model in Haiti and grow to other countries as well. Since then, Unspoken Smiles Foundation has received international accolades and is in 12 countries around the world pushing forth education for oral health for all children globally. He’s been the recipient of numerous awards from Harvard, Clinton Global Initiative, is part of the UN global goals, and is also a contributing writer for Huffington Post. Please visit Unspoken Smiles Foundation if you are looking for a charity to support, or a mission to propel, because his commitment is infectious.

Jean Paul & I had a thought -provoking conversation, and his relentless drive as you will see in this interview, after witnessing so much havoc after losing many of his friends and family after the hurricane in 2010 that he places his own professional dreams to up lift his country is igniting. It just goes to show, that when the universe shows up, and you are ready for your mission, here’s to saying yes and receiving all in the process. Jean Paul can be connected on Facebook, or Upsokensmilesfoundation.org

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