Merging two opposite worlds + creating awareness for local heroes

Breakout is a community based media company that fuels the entrepreneurial spirit through dynamic content, inspirational events and collaborative work places. The goal for Breakout has been to “break” individuals out of their typical routines and comfort zones, and put them in special environments where they can grow, inspire each other, and build a better future together. Michael is the co-founder of the well curated group that connects and humanizes grass roots, social justice initiatives and collaboration, for bringing about heroes and creating sustainable impact in communities. To date, Breakout has expanded in baltimore, detroit, portland, sf, LA miami, and nyc where they are head-quartered.

If you are in NYC, or looking for a tribe that provides inspiration, culture, game-changing out of the box thinking dynamos, then head over to breakout.today for the latest on their next excursion and meetup.I met Michael, through some breakout events as he was expanding in the San Francisco bay area, a visionary for his time, and ridiculously passionate about bringing together different worlds that wouldn’t necessarily meet and problem solve, or solution seek, and he’s done this with genius and poise. Listen on.

Emotional GRIT