Revolutionary Moments with Revolutionary Humans

So freaking excited about this. So as I’ve hunted thru 45 different countries around the world, interviewing billionaires, to local heroes, business icons, to luminaries, and everyday humans. I explore what it actually takes to be revolutionary in different parts of the world, which is different yet is connected with a similar thread. Listen in and subscribe to itunes, to find out!


Learn what happens when “life happens”, when you surrender to doing what you love, and being revolutionary in the precious moments of life. This is our FIRST episode, so we apologize for the static, but understand there is SO much value in the stories we bring to light, so thank you for being part of the journey. LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE

In this fun interview we explore what it means to be revolutionary as a mother, partner, career woman, and ambitious try to get it all done badass. Don’t worry, she offers super practical tips. LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE


Jean Paul & I had a thought -provoking conversation, and his relentless drive as you will see in this interview, after witnessing so much havoc after losing many of his friends and family after the hurricane in 2010 that he places his own professional dreams to up lift his country is igniting. LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE

Catching up with Cam in this interview, offers so many insights for those who have struggled with any sort of addiction. Whether you are a parent, friend, or has had your own challenges in battling an addiction of any kind, the stories heard here and Cam’s simple approach in leveraging social media, mindfulness, and positive psychology. LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE

Michael is the co-founder of the well curated group that connects and humanizes grass roots, social justice initiatives and collaboration, for bringing about heroes and creating sustainable impact in communities. LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE

Magalski founded Divine Lifestyles, a weekly podcast and Healing is Hot (Healthy on-Going Transformation) TV to create a platform to share her experiences with others who seek to live a happy, healthier, and purpose driven life. LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE

Jason Goldberg is a geek, turned entrepreneur, turned international and transformational speaker, trainer, coach, author and host.

His hysterical blend incorporating his love of rap music to his speaking, training and workshops to help people open their minds, transform their lives and businesses and pee their pants from laughter. LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE


Trina is a writer, documentary filmmaker, producer and lately a host with a deep appreciation of music and culture. Setting out to add more vibrancy in our lives through cultural experiences, as she portrays in her filmmaking, her journey of curiosity and passion for life takes her through Spain, India, Egypt among other countries to dive into the respective arts. LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE

Grammy award winning saxophonist, Yale University educator, TedXspeaker, father, and black lives matter advocate has so much wisdom to offer us. In this episode, he opens up about the unseen path that he took to get to where he is today. LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE

So, what does a young boy growing up in the most rural parts of India with a vision so strong that lands him to become head of a multiple million dollar digital education platform providing personal growth and spirituality to millions around the globe have in common in being revolutionary? Listen to find out! LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE

Ace has created two ingenuitive platforms: Painless1099 which is tax withholding for freelancers/1099ers as well as the co founder of Coffitivity. Coffitivity is a space that recreates the ambient sounds of a cafe to boost your creativity and help you work better. LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE

Global entreprenuer, #1 best selling children’s author and international speaker Gina Otto has tons of advice for young leaders. Founder of it starts with your voice. Being relentless in your pursuit. LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE

How often have you struggled with self-doubt? With feelings of imposter syndrome, that you can’t have it all, or there’s not enough time, will I fail, or how can I get up in the morning? For many of you, you make call this a funk, period of sadness, perhaps anxiety, stress or overwhelm. LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE

Veronica’s story is one of wild resilience, born and raised in Ecuador. She was meant to land in the booming capital of the world, New York City. Without an ounce of English, getting to the US, and pursuing every single passion while trusting all of the ups and downs of her journey in the process, LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE

Wisdom collector, truth seeker, passionate storyteller, provocateur of words, and lover of all humans Jeff Scult has quite the story. From a headstrong, type a- serial entreprenuer now turned open mic artist, global strategist, and on a social mission to drive change from every angle, LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE

What happens when an eager young black sheep filipino boy from Manila, Philippines with an unrelenting desire of extreme service to be part of something bigger, ends up in the heart of new york city as the head of the medical department with the New York Knicks basketball team? LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE

Born from immigrants, Michelle’s shares her humble beginnings and the surefire way she and her family was able to bounce back through some of the toughest times in ensuring the “American Dream”. Yet, she has always been unashamed in asking for help. LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE

This curious lingerie expert who gathered the trail of her experiences beginning with coming to New York City on a mission to be singing on broadway, had different plans. As life generally throws curveballs for us to take that sometimes shape our lives- Kim Kimmay’s take was certainly more than she could hope for. LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE

This trailblazing entrepreneurial wizard, and It Girl Founder, gives some brilliant tips for any woman beginning their business or building their brand. She’s an award-winning business strategist who has mentored thousands of women globally. LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE

Stereotyping in the South Asian culture is big bananas. If you’re not a doctor, dentist, lawyer, engineer – than who are you? Challenging the typical mindset are two brilliant co-founders, Arpita & Shubra I came across in the heart of NYC deeply impassioned with their mission to disrupt. LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE


Micro-lessons of life: adding your seasonal dose of Emotional Wellbeing

In this short series, you may here rants, you may hear riffs, you may just learn about in microdose levels of how to add a little more Emotional GRIT to add to your well-being, strengthen your emotional resilience, and build on your awareness of your emotional health in everyday stress management. This may not happen as frequently, but when deeply inspired to give you the proper tools to thrive. Share this page with someone who may need a little micro-lesson, as these segments are bursts of perspectives and loaded tools to cultivate balance, wellness and a more connected life.


Why do we tell people to control their emotions? Is there something else we should be doing instead? Can we harm ourselves by trying to tame our emotions? LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE

With companies like Google and Ernst & Young dropping grade requirements from their recruitment process, what exactly are they looking for and how can you prepare yourself? LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE

As the ‘perfect daughter’ of ‘tiger parents’, I’ve been through it all. If you’ve ever struggled under the pressure and standards of Asian parents, this one is for you. LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE

You’ll often see people calling themselves ‘perfectionists’ but is this actually a positive thing? Or is it a danger? LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE

You’ll hear the word ‘authentic’ and ‘true self’ used a lot in conversation about life fulfillment. But what does it even mean?? LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE

Some classic signs that you can benefit from working on your emotional intelligence. You will be shocked to learn how often these things happen AND how simple it is to shift things in your favour. LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE

60% of women who feel underpaid don’t ask for more money. Take a break from debating the “gender gap” for pay, and instead look at a more subtle factor. LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE

WHAT you know is much less important than HOW you work in a team, HOW you understand your teammates’ strengths and weaknesses, and HOW you can work together best. LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE

Developing your emotional intelligence takes practice.The 4 things Neeta describes in this video are a powerful start to building up an emotional understanding of the people you spend the most time with. LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE

Effective leadership is not magic. There are very specific traits we discovered in the preparation for Neeta’s book, Emotional GRIT. LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE

While everybody leads in their own style, there are some important general principles they all learned over time that you must be aware of if you want to lead effectively. LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE

Being part of healthy relationships is one of the keys to a fulfilled life yet it’s not taught in school — we pick it up as we go. LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE

Neeta explains how the G.R.I.T process provides a neat framework for improving your emotional awareness of others as well as yourself. LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE

Don’t know how to start building up emotional grit? Sometimes, having the courage to leap and trust in your own ability to figure it out. LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE

Reel from Proptiger’s annual leadership conference. Learn more about the Emotional GRIT process and how to improve the emotional intelligence of your workforce. LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE