Fulbright Scholar with Passion for Life

“Like a flamenco dancer, we like timing one-of-a- kind moments. We are a nimble, female inspired and culturally forward content development and production company based in New York. We provide services—from inception to completion–to distributors across multiple media platforms and to brands directly.
A flamenca is not just a dancer: she can be anybody who embodies the spirit of flamenco in her everyday life. Independent, authentic and bold, she’s a woman with style that questions the status quo. She’s tough but still feminine, and most importantly, is free to express herself unapologetically. Flamenca Films celebrates this sense of freedom with the kind of innovative storytelling that emboldens people (not just women!) to be themselves, and explore what the world has to offer.”

Trina is a writer, documentary filmmaker, producer and lately a host with a deep appreciation of music and culture. Setting out to add more vibrancy in our lives through cultural experiences, as she portrays in her filmmaking, her journey of curiosity and passion for life takes her through Spain, India, Egypt among other countries to dive into the respective arts.

Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, she is drawn to projects with a lot of heart that celebrate the roots of all Spanish speaking countries. Her background ranges from being the producer of the on-going series Habla for HBO Latino and also producer for branded content, for a mainly Latina viewership, on Yahoo en español.

In our fun and lively interview with Trina, you get to feel the exhilaration of passion that she exudes for life on a daily level. So much of us don’t get to fully live out our passions, and after this episode you may want to take on your closet love of the arts. Tune in now.

For more on Trina, please check out www.flamenicafilms.com Now on to this week’s episode with Trina.

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