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Join critically acclaimed thought leader Dr. Neeta Bhushan and her team at the revolutionary Global GRIT Institute to learn a powerful 4-step process that will accelerate success in ALL areas of your life – without sacrificing personal freedom & fulfillment.

To the High-Performer who feels restless

It might be a small voice, but it’s a persistent one.

The small voice inside that is crying for help. The voice that feels unfulfilled. The voice that leaves you asking yourself:

“Why isn’t this working? What’s broken? I’ve done everything I’m supposed to do, so why do I still feel like I haven’t done enough?”

It’s confusing, isn’t it?

You’ve accomplished a lot. Yet, despite all that you’ve achieved and despite getting the approval (and sometimes even envy) of others, you still feel incomplete.

You still struggle with things like:

Intense anxiety because you’re constantly pressured to thrive and provide results, which paradoxically also leads to procrastination and guilt.

Self-doubt and losing confidence in your abilities. You often judge yourself for not being good enough, and this relentless anxiety combined with the pressure to perform makes you feel alone in everything you do.

Feeling weighed down by an immense stress of having to do everything by yourself because no one else can handle it – from tasks at work, to home responsibilities and even social obligations.

Feeling overworked and undervalued. Yet despite this you continue to overcommit yourself to more work because you don’t want to disappoint your team, your colleagues or your family who depend on you.

Feeling guilty to give yourself a break – even when you’re sick – because you feel the pressure of having to constantly move and do things in order not to let anyone down.

Burning out, lack of sleep and an unhealthy work-life balance that impacts the quality of your home life, relationships and health.

You feel forever stuck on a treadmill of stress and anxiety

For a long time, you’ve been telling yourself that these struggles comes naturally with the pursuit of big dreams and success. After all… ‘no pain, no gain,’ right? Eventually, you will experience that breakthrough you’ve been waiting for, right?

However, if you were to take a moment to connect with your heart, you’d realize something is broken.

Somehow, you know that that breakthrough will never come if you were to continue struggling on this endless path. You feel like you’re running on a treadmill of stress and anxiety that makes little or no progress towards fulfilling your dreams.

And what frustrates you the most is you can feel a higher potential bubbling inside you, but you’re stuck on this treadmill of stress and anxiety.

Your mind is buzzing with lots of amazing ideas.

Your gut feels that you can perform at higher levels of success.

And your soul is ignited by the vision of a more meaningful impact and contribution you instinctively feel is your calling.

Well, you no longer have to feel frustrated because the world is entering a revolutionary new era of leadership – which if you learn to master, effortlessly unleashes your highest performance and liberates you from stress and anxiety.

You’ll finally be able to achieve phenomenal success in ALL areas of your life – without battling mental anguish and without sacrificing your personal life, relationships, or freedom.

Before we introduce this new era of leadership, there is one key concept you need to understand.

Society has been operating on a path that sabotages the high performer

Many of us have been born into a system that placed upon us an expected path.

That expected path usually involves getting good grades in school, excelling in extracurricular and social activities, graduating from a good college, securing a respectable job, having a fancy car, finding a life-partner and settling down in a good neighborhood, raising a family, climbing the corporate ladder, getting promotions, and the list goes on and on.

Parents, teachers, relatives, neighbors, peers, and society at large measure your success and happiness based on how well you follow this expected path.

Despite their best intentions, this path isn’t easy for the high performer like you.

As a high performer, you’re not shy to roll up your sleeves and put your nose to the grind. That’s why you probably worked very hard (much harder than others) to not just follow this path but excel at it – getting good grades, scoring medals and awards, and crossing every checklist to be honored and applauded by your family and friends.

However, on the other side of the honor and applause is a dark shadow that people rarely talk about or know how to face.

And that shadow is an INTENSE FEAR OF FAILURE.

Since a young age, you have become simply terrified of disappointing people if you failed to follow this expected path with absolute PERFECTION.

This pressure to be perfect and the resulting programming of operating from fear became so deeply engrained as a habit, that it continues to follow you into your adult life. This can manifest into various different personas of perfection such as:

Constantly operating from a fear of failure puts you on the treadmill of stress and anxiety to chase validation from others. It’s an endless journey because there is always an endless stream of people to please.

The intense fear of failure then keeps you trapped into fulfilling other people’s checklists. You end up never exploring your own true potential and never following your internal truth.

To unlock your highest performance, you first need the COURAGE to stop living up to other people’s expectation, and finally step onto your own path.

This ONE ingredient they don’t teach in Harvard to unlock your highest performance

Emotional Leadership is the emotional intelligence you need to succeed that school did not teach you. It is the key to enhancing your human potential, so that you are able to take mastery of your own life where you: Have the courage to set a goal PURELY FOR YOURSELF – for your own passions and for your own motivations – not for others and not because of the pressures of society. Reach your goals – not with the stress of trying to be perfect – but with a deep sense of inner achievement and calm. Gain the skills of leading with vulnerability, empathy and compassion to create strong teamwork and loyalty. No longer have to resort to being passive-aggressive or pushy to get what you want, and instead be able to lead, influence and move people’s hearts to follow your vision with excitement. Are better able to serve others and have more meaningful relationships because by filling up your own cup, your gifts will overflow and spill over to inspire and help others. All this – and MORE – is possible for YOU when you develop and apply Emotional Leadership in your life. For over 10 years, Dr. Neeta Bhushan and the team at Global GRIT Institute have been training top executives in some of the world’s leading companies, teaching how to develop Emotional Leadership with a 4-step Emotional GRIT process that will lead a revolution in their lives.

Heralding a New Form of Emotional Leadership at the Global GRIT Institute

Global GRIT Institute builds leaders and shapes corporate culture using empathy-based solutions.

Global GRIT operates at the intersection of social impact and emotional intelligence, creating a heart-centered, humanistic approach to economic development, corporate growth, and leadership training.

The team at Global GRIT have come from different paths that have led them to champion for the same cause of helping people master their lives through Emotional Leadership.


About the Author Dr. Neeta Bhushan

Global Grit’s founder, Dr. Neeta, was formerly a cosmetic dentist with a high-profile million-dollar practice who developed and applied the new dialogue of Emotional Leadership after pulling through multiple extreme adversities of being orphaned at a young age, experienced shame and abuse in her unhealthy marriage, and was eventually left homeless. It was through learning how to develop her own emotional leadership that Dr. Neeta found the courage to leave both the unfulfilling career and marriage that she felt trapped in and constantly overachieve just to please family, and society. Today, she has found fulfillment doing what she loves traveling to more than 45 countries globally interviewing billionaires and humanitarians alike in discovering the core of human dynamics when getting past your own stories. Teaching top leaders and CEOs how to be revolutionary with a different mindset. Host of the Revolutionary leadership podcast, an international strategist, and an advocate of emotional health. She has also founded the Independent Awakening (IA) Foundation aimed to empower female founders from emerging markets to solve complex challenges globally through tech and emotional intelligence. From over 15 years of work and life experience to overcome adversity and follow her own inner truth, Dr. Neeta has refined a 4-step process that anyone can follow to develop Emotional Leadership. This process is called Emotional GRIT. Today, you too can access this exact same process to create a transformation in your own life with Dr. Neeta’s debut book, "EMOTIONAL GRIT: 8 STEPS TO MASTER YOUR EMOTIONS, TRANSFORM YOUR THOUGHTS & CHANGE YOUR WORLD”.

Discover the 4-Step Emotional GRIT process to live your life powerfully and cultivate transformation

Here’s an overview of what you will experience with the Emotional GRIT Process.

Step 1: GROW

You begin by taking charge of your internal foundation with mindfulness and presence that develop the courage and vulnerability for self-awareness. Your inner truth will reveal itself, breaking you free from the intense fear of failure and chains of external validation. You’ll experience the boundless joy to love yourself for all your shortcomings and unique perfect imperfections. You’ll also open your eyes to your boundless potential when you completely understand who you really are and what lights you up.

Step 2: REVEAL

When you grow, you will reveal a different aspect of yourself that you weren’t previously open to. You’ll go deep to honor the deeper meaning behind the decisions you make. As you reveal this new understanding and layer of yourself, you gain new perspectives that help you let go of past baggage, heal old wounds, and dissolve limiting beliefs. You’ll finally have the courage to stop playing small, and stand on a solid foundation to redefine your identity, move forward, and live your big purpose.


Now that you have revealed a new you, it’s time to innovate and start living YOUR life, YOUR way. By learning how to leverage compassion and empathy with your new outlook, you’ll innovate and carve your own path that will take you to your next level of performance – without battling mental anguish and without sacrificing your personal life, relationships, or freedom. You’ll also have a complete emotional toolkit that will give you the tenacity and boldness to rise up against adversity, no matter how many times you fall.


Here, you’ll transform yourself and shift your world. After all the inner work, this final step is all about action, for action is transformation. You will be supported with new ideas and anchors to guide you, as well as actionable steps and hacks you can apply immediately to unleash your revolutionary human potential. You can apply these tools to any area of your life – studies, career, business, relationships, marriage, health, parenting, friendships, social contribution and more – to experience a deep sense of lasting fulfillment from accomplishing goals that speak to your inner truth.

Will you start a revolution in your life today?

You deserve to be liberated from a path you didn’t choose. You deserve to follow your inner truth and be truly happy. And when you do, you will become the compassionate leader the world truly needs today, and excel in ways you never thought was even possible.

Today, you can actually choose to follow your inner truth with Emotional GRIT. Today, you can quiet that sideline noise and stop living up to the expectations of others. Today you can charter your own walk.

Because now is YOUR time. You are ready to fully express your vision, unleash your highest performance, and create an impact in your life and the world.

Let’s get ready to ignite a revolution in your life.

Let’s get ready to GRIT.

Here’s what you’ll get when you pre-order before September 20th, 2016

  • Physical copy of “Emotional Grit: 8 Steps To Master Your Emotions, Transform Your Thoughts & Change Your World”. (Valued at $19.95)
  • Digital e-book of "Emotional Grit: 8 Steps To Master Your Emotions, Transform Your Thoughts & Change Your World”. (Valued at $7)
  • Exclusive Bonus #1: Interactive Emotional GRIT Full Guidebook & Journal. (Valued at $14)
  • Exclusive Bonus #2: Audio book of "Emotional Grit: 8 Steps To Master Your Emotions, Transform Your Thoughts & Change Your World”. (Valued at $8.97)
  • Exclusive Bonus #3: 1 month FREE access into Global Grit Collective. (Valued at $96)

Total value: $145.92


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know this will work for me?

The Global GRIT Institute has worked with thousands of people in all different phases of their lives, from aspiring entrepreneurs, female executives, male CEOs, thought leaders, students, women in transition, healthcare professionals all that have this common theme of being able to embrace failures, and vulnerability. Over the past few years, we have also identified proven patterns and systems, which allow you to “fast track” your success. Additionally, the thousands of people that have heard Dr. Neeta speak at a live session/event have walked away with essential tools to step into greatness. In short: You’re getting access to THESE success strategies only, so you can be sure that you’re getting the very best emotional confidence tools, that you should’ve learned in school. Plus, you’ll get a community that is able to support you and make sure you reach pivotal transformation in your life.

What happens after my first free month at Global GRIT Collective?

If you no longer wish to have the Global GRIT Community support and the latest monthly resources of Emotional GRIT, then you can cancel your membership within 30 days of your purchase and you won’t be charged anything else. If you wish to continue enjoying the Bootcamp training resources, access to extra interviews and GRIT leaders around the world, then you don’t need to do anything. Your payment method will be automatically charged $349 a month for your exclusive Global Grit Community membership. If for any reason you would like to stop your membership, you can cancel at any time.

Is there a 100% money-back guarantee?

Absolutely. Your investment is lovingly guaranteed for 30 days. All you have to do is give it a try.

Pre-Order Now To Get
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Begin your powerful transformation with the brand new & revolutionary “Emotional GRIT Life Revolution Pack”

To support you through your revolutionary transformation, you’ll get in your “GRIT Life Revolution Pack”:

Digital e-book of “Emotional Grit: 8 Steps To Master Your Emotions, Transform Your Thoughts & Change Your World”

Instantly access a digital PDF of “Emotional Grit: 8 Steps To Master Your Emotions, Transform Your Thoughts & Change Your World”, where I deconstruct and reconstruct what it means to be a leader of your own life. You’ll learn how to:

Identify internal struggles
that have ultimately influenced how you make decisions, project your thoughts, communicate, and consider the world around you.
Minimize stress, anxiety and illnesses
to break away from unhealthy habits and outdated beliefs surrounding career and responsibilities.
Regain control of your life direction
and break free from the expectations of others, society and family obligations, to better understand the incredible value of your worth. The time has come to stop measuring yourselves from others' perceptions.
Focus on your inner truth
and shed the image of perfection in all areas of your life, and have the confidence to embrace and make mistakes to accomplish your true goals without stress or anxiety.
Engage life more fully
and cultivate your emotional confidence in the workplace, with your employer, colleagues and community so that you can live your life stress free and manage your emotions effectively.

Discover the 4 stages of Emotional GRIT:

1. Grow
to increase your states of awareness and your ability to self-reflect
2. Reveal
to make peace with your past mistakes and cultivate self-belief
3. Innovate
to make the commitment to embrace change and accept opportunities
4. Transform
to take the right steps and actions to design your new life.

Bonus supporting resources

  • Quick Reach Exercises
  • Your Emotional GRIT-KIT: Empathy tools to nail the emotions game
  • GRATITOOLS: A complete toolbox loaded with new perceptions & perspectives
  • Resources for controlling positive & negative emotional states
  • Key characteristics of Emotional GRIT
  • Your Emotional GRIT checklist
  • Bio-hacks into your revolutionary human potential

Here’s what successful leaders of today say about Emotional GRIT

“EmotionalGRIT is the new type of GRIT and a call to action for more heart-centered leaders, and more importantly how you will lead your life.”

Andrew Hewitt — Founder and CEO, GameChangers500

“Emotional GRIT is helping build better leaders that think differently.”

Steve Olsher — New York Times Best Selling Author, What is Your What

“Emotional GRIT is understanding emotional strength is pivotal to the state of our mental health and is crucial for the next generation.”

Matt Reimann — CEO, Shae, Founder Ultimate Human Foundation

“This is the future of collaboration, when we move past our limitations and discover the potential to truly solve challenges in the world, which starts with mastering your Emotional GRIT.”

Dr. Harbeen Arora — Founder and CEO of All Ladies League & Women’s Economic Forum

"EmotionalGRIT is a true calling for helping the next generation live beyond stories and circumstances, thus creating a shift in the world once we reframe our thinking.”

Gina Otto — Best-Selling author, international speaker, social entrepreneur

“Millennials are in need of connection, purpose and curiosity. Emotional GRIT redefines what it looks like in every aspect of your life.”

Yasmine El Baggari — Founder of Voyaj and featured entrepreneur on Forbes 30 under 30

You’ll also enjoy these bonuses designed to maximize transformation

Bonus #1: Emotional GRIT Guidebook (Valued at $14)

Journaling is proven to offer a deeper level of learning, action and transformation. In this beautifully designed interactive Emotional GRIT guidebook and journal, you will walk through the GRIT process step by step while having the space to record your reflections and progress for greater growth, deeper insights, and more powerful transformation.

Bonus 2: Audio book of “Emotional Grit: 8 Steps To Master Your Emotions, Transform Your Thoughts & Change Your World”
(Valued at $8.97)

You’ll also get “Emotional GRIT” as an audiobook to supplement your learning. With the audio book, you’ll:


Supplement your visual learning. With many different types of learners, some of us are just better at learning through listening.
Enjoy the flexibility to learn on the go. Just listen, learn and transform while commuting, jogging, or even while waiting in the supermarket queue.
Experience a deeper engagement and better comprehension. Gain much more than you can from a page through auditory expressions that come from the tone of voice, pace and stress points.
Have a more entertaining way to learn as the lessons come to life through voice.
Turn any boring task into a transformative learning experience. Dishes? Ironing? Cleaning? Jazz it up with transformational learning.

PLUS: Limited Bonus
Limited to pre-orders made before September 20th, 2016

1 month FREE access into Global GRIT Collective
(Valued at $96 per month)

Experience the support of a global community committed to transforming their lives, leaving a greater impact on the world, and creating a revolution. In your 1-month FREE access into Global GRIT Community, you’ll enjoy:

5-Day Accelerator Training

Five short but powerful videos by Dr. Neeta herself that give you the core skills you need to strengthen your Emotional Leadership. In less than 5 minutes a day, you’ll gain a powerful insight and a powerful exercise that you can immediately put into action to apply your Emotional Leadership in real life. By the end of the five days, you will have sharpened five key emotional tools to accelerate your transformation.

MONTHLY 60-90 min training

Access to the Global GRIT Institute team and the collective tribe

where you can connect, learn and grow with other extraordinary people.

Access cutting edge emotional intelligence and leadership insights from thought leaders around the world.

Follow Dr. Neeta’s travel and work as she interviews top leaders from San Francisco to Dubai, Italy and India to give you training and tips from the world’s best experts on emotional intelligence and leadership.

Access to all GRIT resources

Special GRIT leaders from around the world

Here’s what students of the Global GRIT Institute have experienced

“Exactly What We Need to Step Into Greatness”

I’ve always struggled with vulnerability. As an overachiever, and consistent perfectionist I’ve found it hard to let me guard down. Working for the series where we encounter tons of speakers only bringing in the best, and then finding Neeta- her caliber, her messaging is exactly what our generation needs to give ourselves permission to step into greatness. Cat Languido, Former Producer, Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday Series

“A Vital Message & Mission Around Emotional Wellness”

Neeta’s messaging and mission around emotional wellness and self-love is vital, especially being a cog in the Hollywood machine for close to a decade, I have seen so many people - particularly women - give away all of their power to other people's opinions, decisions and ideas of what "beauty" should look like. Neeta shares these essential practical tools with others in order to guide them back to the present.
Melinda Cohen, E! News Anchor, Filmmaker/Producer, Founder at Smiling Heart Rebels

“Helped Me as A Parent”

Neeta’s message and how she has taken her story and fueled into something both men and women can relate to with such ease in a ‘safe’ space. She allows you to be yourself. And as a former NFL player we are taught to shun our emotions. I’ve learned and I continue to learn from her, and believe that every single person can benefit from her courses and live events- it’s definitely helped me as a parent of a daughter.

Anthony Trucks, Former NFL player, Author, Speaker: Trust Your Hustle

“Explore Your Passions with Productive Ease”

Dr. Neeta is The Total Female Package and interweaves the convergence of cultural balance and exploring your own passions with productive ease in her course. Many women and men relate to shedding the image of perfection and happily take the nuggets they learn from to move forward in creating their best lives.
Novalena J. Betancourt, Author, The Total Female Package / SVP Communications, Mobile Incorporated

“Watch Your Life Transform to Greatness”

Neeta's voice, and conviction to end the legacy of the perfect daughter through her emotional confidence course is perfect timing for the many challenges and obstacles that we can definitely all relate to on our journey through professional hurdles and heartbreaks, to our own personal challenges. Don't think twice, just sign up and watch your life transform to greatness.
Whitney Smith, Whit & Wisdom, Founder Girls For A Change

30-Day Unconditional Love Money-Back Guarantee

Emotional GRIT is the product of 15 years of work that led to Dr. Neeta’s life breakthroughs. She has simplified the most potent and powerful lessons into a simple 4-step process so you can break free from the stress of living up to other people’s expectations, and finally lead a life that fulfills your inner truth. It has been created with unconditional love to help you revolutionize your life, and that’s why we offer an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you’ve applied the lessons you learned in “Emotional GRIT Life Revolution Pack”, and if in the unlikely scenario you did not experience any results that you’re happy with, then just write to me within 30 days of your purchase and we will refund your money unconditionally – no questions asked.

pre-order now to get instant access risk-free for 30 days


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