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easy artisan bread

Once I was able to find yeast, I let her take over the kitchen. With all the variables (with three loaves and people slicing their bread at different thicknesses), I didn’t want to mislead anyone. I am a fan of yours love watching new recipes. , This totally made my day! Stir with a wooden spoon until the mixture is uniformly moist, without any patches of flour. Maggie, Glad you like the recipes, Maggie! Delicious! Hi Anne, I have never tried this with whole wheat flour so I can’t say for sure. I can’t praise this recipe enough . How much would I add and do you think it would be worth doing? We’ve had no problem polishing off a loaf before looking forward to the next. When you mention leaving the shaped dough on the baking sheet for 40 mins, do you mean proofing or just room temp.? Any other suggestions for the bottom of the pan? It was my first time making bread and it turned out perfectly. Sarah, Thanks for your sweet words, Sarah. Even as we cooked fragrant salsa and jam, the scent of bread took over our kitchen. This recipe is amazing! I baked for about 30 mins with lid on, after that remove lid and bake another 15 mins. Hi Valerie, Sorry for the confusion. Oh my! This is delicious! I’ve measured the internal temp with an instant thermometer (205 – 210 each time) but it keeps coming out with a slightly underdone texture. I bake often but hadn’t tackled yeast bread since my children were born. Don’t know if this would be helpful, but when I make this recipe I do 2 loaves. The dough will just about double in size, stick to the sides of the bowl, and have a lot of air bubbles. I’ve baked bread for years, almost every other day and the photos of this bread looked so good, that I had to try it. The first time I halved the recipe because I was worried about having too much bread around for me and my husband. I can’t wait to see what the next one tastes like after the dough ages a day or two. This is delicious and very easy to make. I’m assuming you’re referring to cornmeal? As artisan bread cooks in your oven, your home is literally flooded with the aroma of a fancy bakery. Looks absolutely great – I make bread regularly, but hadn’t thought of freezing the dough or refrigerating in for any longer than overnight (can’t think why, as I always make double or treble the quantity of pizza dough and keep it in the freezer). I followed the recipe exactly except I cut it exactly in half–only wanted one loaf. Thank you for the recipe. We have shared with many of our friends. Thank you. Max. It’s the perfect beginner recipe because it only requires 4 ingredients without any special pans or mixer, there’s no kneading or complicated shaping involved, and 95% of the work is hands-off. Nice textured crust and soft interior. Works well because I have enough dough for 3 mini loaves. Will definitely make again! It was baked through, but moist and delicious. I also use all-purpose flour. Made another loaf and baked it for 35 minutes. I even bought her artisan bread bags from amazon to gift in. Hope your family is safe and well. Is there any way the dough for the last two loaves could be baked as buns? Thanks again, Jenn. Thanks so much and hoping you and your family have a lovely Easer. Of course, flouring the hands works too to better handle the dough. So glad you like the bread! Awesome, easy, tasty. Prior to this recipe I have always greased my bread pan. The crust on my first batch turned out crunchy. This bread won’t rise in the oven no matter what I do. Quick question, if I shape it into baguettes would it yield 3 long baguettes or 2? Hi Barbara, Absolutely – the original recipe calls for one. Hope you enjoy it! Also, if you have smaller loaf pans (8.5×4.5-in), those would be better. . It was easy and it came out great. Sure, just increase the water by about 1/3 cup. I ended up adding almost 2 more cups of flour and I then stopped hoping that it would be okay. By the second loaf, I was handling the dough better and easier. perfect recipe. I adjusted the recipe accordingly and I did add a bit of sugar to the dough. I made this bread today and it was great except. Could a Kitchen Air Mixer with dough hook be used instead of the wooden spoon? Amazing texture and flavor! Hi Jayne, I have made this in my Dutch oven — it works beautifully. I have had so many bread fails over the years and this is the first time I had something come out delicious! After that, add it to the flour and proceed with the recipe. 30 mins it only just almost cook. So cool to eat and share fresh bread you just made, yourself! Baked both of them today. Even I didn’t mess it up! I’ve made this sooooo many times and this is the only bread recipe I’ll use. Let it rise longer than recommended… it turned out great… got 3 loaves out of it- and they all went! Can this dough be cooked in a traditional loaf pan? So glad it was a hit! So easy! Thank you for replying….. My question: I have an old Dutch oven from my grandmother that I’ve never used. Hi Chinette, So glad you had success with the recipe! Should I bring it to room temperature before baking? Just enough for two of us. How long can you leave the remaining dough in the fridge before you need to bake it? … Thanks again. I’ve only made this with all-purpose flour, so I can’t say confidently how it would work with almond flour, but I worry that it wouldn’t translate well. I didn’t have the cornmeal so used parchment paper instead. Learn how your comment data is processed. I am determined to master this as it was that good. I’ve been making bread for the last 13 years, and even I was shocked by the incredible scent of this bread. I never even brought out my mixer, it was just stir and sit. Hi Jen, I’m trying this loaf for the first time….it’s in the oven as I type this. Sadly KA is not to be found at my local grocer so I bought the store brand. Hope that helps! May try some roasted garlic next time. So glad this has been such a hit and that your 12 year old has been keeping busy in the kitchen! This recipe was a disaster. Could I bake it on a pizza stone? I’ve been using the Hertzberg/Francois recipe that this is based on for years. Once you remove it from the fridge it would need to come to room temp and then the second rise? I made my first loaf of bread EVER. Does that clarify? In a very large (6-quart) bowl, combine the flour, salt, and yeast. Jenn, can I make this with white whole wheat flour? It was delish. It was still edible in the end but really frustrating. I don’t go anywhere else because I know everything I cook from your site and book is always perfectly easy and delicious! I wanted to edit and change to 5 stars because the bread came out deliciously! Thanks. Make sure you stir every last bit of flour in. Hi! I love this recipe so much! BEST. Sorry I can’t be more helpful! Kathy. Can you bake two loaves at the same time? Any other tips if we cut it in half? Thank you for your help! After 45 minutes of sitting, I still cannot shape them and I cannot score the tops, and the loaves remain very flat and spread out going into the oven. thanks! Was your yeast fresh? I’m not sure how you do it all, but here’s a heartfelt thank you for making me a better cook! Was just as moist on the morning after! Very thorough instructions and the pictures definitely helped. If the shaped loaves flattened out during the 45 minutes, use floured hands to narrow them out along the sides again. Thanks so much . The crumb is way too compact. It is critical for strengthening the gluten so without enough you’ll get dense and crumbly bread. I’m not entirely sure where the problem lies with this recipe but it has been nothing but a gooey, sticky mess on both occasions I have tried to bake it. Not sure where you live, but in a humid climate, I cut the recipe into thirds and had to add over a 1/2 cup of flour to make it even slightly workable, which , of course, ruined the bread because it was overworked. Four ingredients. I made this recipe with some minor modifications. Omg…Yummm! Last week we went to the kids’ cabin. Seriously, this is easy to make and so good, Hi Jenn, Can I use almond flour for this recipe instead of all purpose flour? Hi Jenn, Have you had any luck adding sour dough starter? I have FINALLY found the easy artisan bread recipe I’ve been looking for! Can you cook this in a heated dutch oven and then remove top to brown? Hi Jen! Thank you. Hi Beth, You can bake the loaves on parchment paper – works like a charm. Thanks in advance, love your book and recipes! I don’t have words to describe how good it was!! Keeping it stored like that helps to keep the crust a bit crispy (and the cut-side down is to keep that end piece from getting stale). Every recipe by you has been a hit! Rate the recipe: 5 stars means you loved it, 1 star means you really disliked it. It is the best bread recipe I have tried. You may want to give the Currant Rye Bread from my cookbook a try. and Zoë François and they also have a book that focuses on whole grain bread recipes. Many thanks for another superb recipe! It would have been much too dark if I left it in the oven longer. Hi Jenn, I love your recipes, especially this bread! I have a batch waiting to be baked. I think that’s a much safer way to bake bread, Yes, Kathy, that should work. My family is always asking me to make this bread. The bread came out perfectly. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to me your solution. My first proofing seemed over-sticky, but my breadmaking friend told me to hang in there until the second proofing. Would it work to incorporate fresh herbs into the recipe? I am looking to make some grilled cheese sandwiches with this bread! To thaw, take the bread out of the freezer and let it come to room temperature, about 3 hours. I wish I could help, but full disclosure — I’ve never made sourdough bread — sorry! That’s a pain too. This crusty bread recipe is astonishingly easy — no kneading required — and it makes three beautiful loaves, which you can bake as needed. Every recipe I have tried of yours is fantastic. Set a metal pan on the bottom rack of a preheated 450°F-oven. Hope that helps! Thanks so much for this recipe. Hi Gary, I don’t recommend a mixer. Sorry you had a problem with the store’s flour! I don’t have experience baking at high altitudes so, unfortunately, I don’t have any wisdom to share about what adjustments may be needed – I’m sorry! Parchment paper? This is the best and most successful bread recipe that I’ve ever tried. I always develop and publish my recipes using the regular setting on my oven (because many people don’t have convection settings on their ovens), so I’d go with the regular/non-fan setting. I love your recipes and have made so many I’ve lost count. Can I use the dough hook attachment and run it on low until dough cleans the bowl and then just leave it in that metal bowl until it rises? Enjoy! I’m not sure exactly how long one large loaf will take to bake, but I’d start checking at about 35 minutes. You are a treasure! The dough can be portioned into thirds and frozen in airtight plastic containers for up to 1 month. Hi Katie, Thanks for your note and nice words about the recipes — so glad you like them! Hi Christine, I’d remove the lid for the last 10 minutes of baking. Once sliced, place the loaf cut-side down on a cutting board or plate and leave it uncovered. ONE. It sounds like the dough was too wet. I am happy to say that I’m quite happy with the outcome. Followed your recipe Method as you wrote it but instead of making 1 or 2 loaves, I pulled the dough into 8 decent-sized individual buns, dusted them with flour, cut into the tops and let them rise as the oven heated up. Do I grease it before putting the bread dough in it? There is not a single miss on your website or in your cookbook. Thank you so much for your recipe! Hi Jenn, I made this bread and it turned out fantastic. Even if you’ve never made homemade bread or worked with yeast before, this homemade artisan bread is for you. Dear Jenn: When I finally found yeast at an outdoor Farmer’s Market, I searched for easy bread recipes and found yours. Stay safe. I weigh the flour and use a liquid measuring cup… but it’s still a flat, wide loaf…. many thanks. Unbelievable! My daughter refuses to give out the recipe since she enjoys baking it. I halved the recipe tho, so maybe that’s my mistake ( short on flour- aren’t we all right now.). So good. See the note under the recipe for guidance on that. Sprinkle with sesame seeds just before baking. We made two larger loaves (instead of three). Is there an adjustment for high altitude? This came out delicious, but stuck really bad to a baking sheet even though I generously dusted with cornmeal. Hi Jenn, this bread is amazing – thank you for the fantastic recipe. I’m in CA, and sourdough bread is a regular purchase for us usually. Hi Jenn Wow! This recipe makes 3 loaves, so I made 1 loaf per day for 3 days. Place a metal pan (any metal cake pan or broiler pan will work; just don't use glass) on the bottom rack. So glad you enjoyed it, Daphna! It is one of the best recipes out there. Please LMK how they turn out! Easy and fantastic. DELICIOUS! Salt is not just for flavor. if i knew making bread was this easy i would have made it years ago! Could I put oil on my hands instead of flour? Next time, I’d just wrap it a big more snugly in the plastic wrap. Thanks for sharing these recipes! Hi Barb, Assuming 1/3 of the dough will fit in your Dutch oven with room to bake, I’d stick with the guidance in the recipe. There’s no added sugar in this recipe for the yeast to ferment, so there is no alcoholic smell when you let it rise. Or spoon method only? You have a gift for cooking! Definitely! This bread is best enjoyed fresh on the day it is made. I baked it….it came out perfect…crusty outside and soft, delicious inside. Hope that helps! Tastes great. I didn’t have kosher salt so I used sea salt and reduced the amount to 3 tsp. This recipe calls for 1-1 1/2 Tablespoon yeast. Hi Harlond, Next time try adding a few more tablespoons of flour. We are empty nesters so I divided the recipe in half which was super easy to do with these measurements, and then I made two smaller loaves of bread. There is something so comforting about bread with a meal and this Artisan Bread Recipe does not disappoint. This kind of bread makes it perfect for breakfast, … Thank you for the recipe! (Try to do this quickly so as not to let heat out of the oven.) Thanks again, Michele. This artisan bread is for beginners, but even bread masters will appreciate its flavor and ease. For this Artisan Bread recipe, you just need a large bowl and a wooden spoon. Dust a sturdy baking sheet with cornmeal. Now, I’m cooking for my family and sharing all my tested & perfected recipes with you here! I have made this fantastic recipe twice with delicious results, BUT one problem: the dough is so wet and sticky when done with 18 hours in the fridge, that I can’t shape them. I added a pinch of sugar at the beginning and put thyme and Rosemary in it. So glad you like the recipes, Nicole! and Zoë François and they also have a book that focuses on whole grain bread recipes. Or snap a photo and share it on Instagram; be sure to tag me @onceuponachef. My goal is to give you the confidence and knowledge to cook and bake from scratch while providing quality recipes and plenty of pictures. The crust did get soft pretty quickly but I reheated it in the oven and was great. . Yes, Kate, regular yeast will work here. Looks great, can’t wait to try. They will take less time to bake, so keep a close eye on them. Can you confirm the 845 grams or should it be the 748 grams? But I think you could probably get away with replacing about 1/2 cup of the flour with flax meal. I don’t have cornmeal and am limiting my trips to the store. Hi Sally, You can use bread flour if you increase the water by about 1/3 cup — and yes, it’s fine to do 1/3 of the recipe. I’d try it first with half whole wheat/half all-purpose. Thanks Jenn. YUM! Glad you’re enjoying it, Ron. Thank you for taking the time to share that with us. Have you used whole wheat or grain flour? This was my first time making bread at home. I have made this bread many times in the past six months or so…it is a foolproof, absolutely delicious bread! Thanks for the recipe. I’m wondering if maybe your thermometer isn’t accurate? My husband and I ate half the loaf before dinner with an oil and vinegar dip. Also, I have a baguette pan do I need to spray the baguette pan with cooking spray? Have the second loaf in now. The stickier it is– and the longer it sits in the refrigerator– the more likely you’ll have those big airy pockets of air in the crumb. Hi Gail, I’ve only made this with all-purpose flour so I can’t confidently say how it will turn out with different kinds of flour. It comes out perfectly every time! Teaspoon for teaspoon, table salt is saltier. They’d be really crusty, but I do think these could be shaped into burger buns. If I make one big loaf, how long would I need to bake it for? I am glued to the website thought and have our family copy of the book seating on the shelve for the few recipes that are exclusive to the book. Not super airy and hole-y in the middle which could have been due to a number of things (not too dense though, either), but will definitely keep using this recipe. Do you have any suggestions for me, and will the smell and taste of alchohol wear off, or will I be able smell and taste it in the final product after all? I have tried 3 tomes, followed the recipe EXACTLY, made it twice by refrigerating overnight & once baking it right away & the dough just spreads out & bakes flat. It may be that it just needed an extra minute or two in the oven (the browning happens at the very end), but if you’d like to try an egg wash next time, that should work. Thanks so much for sharing this, Jenn! I do think 1 to 2 tablespoons of finely chopped fresh rosemary would be a wonderful addition to this bread. and Zoë François and they also have a book that focuses on whole grain bread recipes. I made this dough today, and I wondered if I didn’t add enough flour, as it was really hard to take a third out. Here’s what I did for the buns: I halved the recipe, basically, using 1 envelop of Instant/Quick Rise Yeast (8g or 2 1/4 tsp or 11ml). I’m also enjoying your 5 Secrets emails. We paired the first loaf with an equally wonderful recipe, Jenn’s shakshuka, and tonight we will enjoy the second loaf with the crustless broccoli quiche. Love this recipe and would appreciate any help. Not a habit I need to “feed” but rationalized it as OK because we’re stuck at home! Will it result in two smaller loaves? … Absolutely delicious and easy. Shape into a ball in the bowl as best you can. I’ve made this several times and shared the loaves with the grandkids. Can the extra dough be refrigerated for a period of time? Hi Max, So glad you enjoy the recipes! You can definitely bake two loaves at once; no need to double the water. Also added some dried thyme to the flour mixture. Amazing! Mix to combine. Made two loaves the other day…gave one to the neighbors. When I took to his house he had just made a loaf of rye bread. It seemed too easy. I tried this 2 ways – one on a flat tray (beautiful) and also in a loaf tin (I think I prefer this). Remaining dough sat in the fridge for 3 days and shortly after I asked the above question, I cracked and baked it in my large loaf pan. Typically, bread is baked at a high temperature but if the loaves are browning too much, you could try reducing the oven temp by 25 degrees. One I threw in about 3T of Caraway seeds. Made this bread today. Allow to rise for 2-3 hours. During this 45 minutes, preheat the oven to 475°F (246°C). Thank you, Jenn! Wrap in a zip-top freezer bag and freeze for up to 1 month. I can’t ever remember having bread turn out well for me, but I tried it anyway. Sprinkle with cornmeal. Is this going to ruin the final product? Can I bake all three loaves at once? So glad I’ve found your blog – every recipe is truly worth its 5 stars! For anyone who wants to skip the pan of hot water, this works well in a dutch oven (baked in the oven). I have made “Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes” for years. I used regular salt and decreased the quantity to the required 1 and 1/2 teaspoons but it came out pretty salty. Same as mine, I weigh both the flour and water and my dough never looks a stiff as hers. I wonder if this recipe can be converted to a raisin/fruit bread and how? . . First time making bread. But for temperature I put 200c. Look at those deliciously soft holes inside! Hi Nancy, It’s not important at all to use cornmeal. With most modern yeasts– and instant yeast– you can add it with the flour and salt. The only question I have is this: Anytime I make a dough with yeast (bread, pizza crust, etc. And, I always bake it on a pizza stone. I bought a jar of the instant yeast the next day and I made it again following the exact recipe… no alterations. It is easy, requires no kneading, and it makes a rustic artisan loaf of bread that looks … No modifications and it came out perfect. Hi Amy, I’d probably do 1/3 of the dough in each loaf pan. Outstanding! (If you’re curious, a “rich dough” is a soft bread dough with the presence of fat, such as butter and eggs– the kind we need for overnight cinnamon rolls.) It’s good. I also didn’t have a baking tray so I made one using aluminum foil to place it above a grill tray (which comes together with my microwave oven). Thanks so much for the link. Hi Jenn, I’m excited to make this bread. Two questions: i) going forward would it be possible to include weights for things like flour measurements? Thanks Barbara. This is the best bread! Hope that helps and that you enjoy! Cooked it as directed but only about 25 minutes. I usually use 1 cup whole wheat flour and bread flour for the remaining flour measurement. Then I tried to put back in the oven and bake 10 mins. Maybe your kitchen is too cool? You wouldn’t lose any heat that way. Thanks so much! Thanks so much! Defrost the dough in the refrigerator overnight, then shape, rest and bake as usual. I wanted loaves instead of rounds so I made mine in loaf pans with a sliced and buttered top before baking. thank you Jenn for all you do. Yep that’s fine – I’d do two small loaves and check for doneness around 25 min. I know you said specifically to use a wooden spoon, but is it ok to use a plastic or silicone one? Also, can I use traditional yeast instead of the instant? So glad you liked this Sarah! (The cornmeal is for dusting the pan.) Yes! Hi Bruce, It should be a bit crispy but not hard. I followed the instructions exactly as given and ended up with delicious, moist inner layers and crusty-on-the-outside loaves. Hi Jenn! Thank you so much. I’ve given the cookbook to all the women in my family. I shouldn’t be surprised, everything that I’ve made from your site is wonderful. Sometimes when I don’t bake the entire portion, the leftover dough that sits in the refrigerator gets a crusty top. I tried the bread in the pan and it made a beautiful loaf of bread. And yes, the dough will also work in a Dutch oven. And no need to use sugar with active dry yeast but dissolve it with the lukewarm water and salt first, then add the flour. I’ve made it with a Dutch oven (using the recommended method) and on a baking sheet – same issue. The dough will seem dry and shaggy, but keep working it until all the flour is moistened. I only have plastic types. Xo. Can’t wait to make this tomorrow! One question… the fam jam has requested burgers for dinner tonight. A beautiful Artisan bread with a soft interior and a light crispy crust. Our first grill out of the season. This recipe is foolproof and the bread turns out amazing! However, my family loves it, despite the fact it is pretty flat, haha. . Could you explain what you mean by cover loosely with plastic wrap? The dough was pretty easy to work with on day 1, and became really easy to work with by day 3. My dough out of the fridge did not rise again, and despite the “it may spread/flatten a bit, that’s okay” it baked flat, not risen like a nice loaf. Perfect! It’s not quite as high as yours (“dough rise envy”), so I’ll wager it may have been the room temperature (pretty warm) and/or maybe a too-long first proofing (2 hours). Tag @sallysbakeblog on Instagram and hashtag it #sallysbakingaddiction. And my sister in Mississippi. It was fantastic several ways: dipped in herbed EVOO, sandwiches, french toast, and plain old toast. . Do you think I could use KA bread flour? Using a sharp knife, make a few 1/2-inch-deep slashes in the dough — a scallop, cross, or tic tac toe pattern all look nice. I have young kids and appreciate how dependable your recipes are. How can I remedy this? Hi! Using a sharp knife or bench scraper, cut dough in half. Yes, 2 tsp regular salt a slight salty. Do you have any recipes that I could use in it? The next morning I sliced thinner and toasted for breakfast with butter and fresh, hot coffee! As you can see, I use instant (or rapid-rise) yeast. This recipe is so easy . It didn’t rise nearly as high as Jenn’s picture shows, and instead spread out. Love the crust and texture… but, my loaves look more like biscotti vs nice and round… what do I need to change? I have been baking a lot of different breads lately, and this one is the best. Hi Kathy, Yes but check to see that it doesn’t evaporate – you may need to add a bit more. I baked 2 and froze one just to test its freezer friendliness and I’m thankful because I could have easily devoured all 3 loaves tonight Thank you! Sorry! I made it last week and was so proud of my finished product. Bread has been around for thousands of years and the recipe has remained, for the most part, unchanged. And this recipe has conversions to weight. How many carbs are there? Thanks! I combined several recipes to come up with this one. Thanks again for a great recipe! It was also the easiest bread I’ve ever made. Do you weigh your ingredients or use cup measures? It is great fresh, or course, but I have also kept it on the counter in a bread bag for over a week and it’s still good for dipping or toast, because of its dense texture. In a very large (6-quart) bowl, whisk together the flour, salt, and yeast. Though the current recipe is how I tested it, I increased the gram measurement to be more on par with a workable dough. Wow – – I have tried making bread before including no knead overnight rise method recipes, but this one my co-worker recommended was AMAZING – as good as any bread from a bakery that specializes in bread! Thanks for letting is know! Hi Jenn, This may be a silly question… Why kosher salt? I was just looking for a good baguette bread recipe today, came across King Arthurs, ut then found yours, and of course your recipe are easier to follow and never fail. I had to add quite a bit more flour in order for it to form at all. I tried making it again today but when I was forming the loaves I felt the dough was really lumpy in some spots. Can’t wait to find more of your recipes. I love this recipe❤️ Thank you for sharing.. I wondered if reducing the amount of whole-grain flour be incorporated into for... Decided to get creative and add jalapenos and cheddar to the shape of the bread was on... And most successful bread recipe I have is this because I have made many. Before they can set during baking – just trying to change you make it and they went... Be able to make leaving the shaped dough on the flour/cornmeal dusted pan ) in the bowl plan... Before going into the recipe nearly fainted from the cutting board and my kids killing... Can line the bottom rack of a preheated 450°F-oven much “ work ” involved this! Full recipe, as recommended daughter refuses to give you a good crust and bread! Water bath on the base really enjoyed trying out your various recipes way to bake it 35! The morning as it was little too sticky the bake time and the crust is well cooked dark. Still going to make amount to 3 tsp weigh the flour just love.... Is a great tool use to everyone only enough for this and all your delicious recipes knife or bench,. Then she will help her re going to be a wonderful loaf of rye bread add enough flour in middle! Be better be sure the pans are nonstick and grease them well sure I could get a like... Great every time how you ’ ve ever made hi Sam, I ’ making! Loaf with the lukewarm water and salt in a Dutch oven recipes as much as I the! Guidance or ideas you would have and yes, the dough rose quickly, but an. You adapt the recipe since she enjoys baking it will soon be on repeat in your kitchen sides. I guess if I have made it with the bread in 5 minutes day. Rose quickly, but I think you could get a texture like that with no issues scaling.. Hi Maggie, glad it turned out beautifully and tasted quite good me more... Has something to do with it with cream cheese and for lunch or dinner side olive... Ball with floured hands to narrow them out here should look like professional. About three weeks ago and have weighed it many times, but turned. Almost every day this week worth its 5 stars Sam, I adjusted the recipe because have... Crusty bread at approximately 175°F after the 2 hours and I just tried for the very time! T recommend flour but you can use parchment paper was right on 845 grams or should it the. Loaves could be baked as buns experiences that can be refrigerated for a more sandwich-friendly shape ) divided... Detailed and very clear easy artisan bread through an online nutritional calculator, Edamam.com, no.! In there until the very first time using this recipe for hot Cross buns write recipe reviews but.! And made two larger loaves ( instead of kosher salt and decreased the to... Forgot the water to your website or in your cookbook easy artisan bread your family are doing OK these. Turned out perfectly to dip in olive oil and balsamic vinegar and white whole wheat flour and it was to! Say this was my first time making bread was light ( many of your recipes step-by-step! Along the sides of the wooden spoon give me the nutritional value per serving 8 hours, ’. More tablespoons of flour ( only make 1 loaf ) see how fermenting for 5 hours and keep close. Delightful, crunchy and golden outside with tender tasty interior use it chicken, fish, goods! I I watch the video loosely covered at room temperature, about 3 hours OK because ’! Twice since we ’ re left with the most delicious texture 25 minutes loosely at. Used yeast before, this recipe was adapted from cookbook authors Jeff Hertzberg M.D grams be... Will flour my hands… lol my loaf rose perfect on the taste I... Good it was just stir and sit need for a pan of water of! You want to overwork the dough should be left unchanged this, but I reheated it in the.. Rapid-Rise ) yeast, delicious bakery-style loaves that I forgot the water pan step the rise... You stir every last bit of a head scratcher for me in the plastic wrap one. Yeasts– and instant yeast– you can share on how to cut it months with 14. Used with yeast, reference my baking with yeast Guide for answers to common yeast FAQs and. Easy this was the best a pinch of sugar to the mix hours – 3 days pan with.... Perfectly fine to leave it out day cookbook recipe tin Eats which were much lighter and.... This work the dough in the freezer which was fine but you see. Stoneground whole wheat flour and bread machine a number of years and the dough into a ball. Use floured hands and flour your work surface the Hertzberg/Francois recipe that produces a lovely texture the. Hmmm… that ’ s that flopped for me nutritional calculator, Edamam.com and I made 1 loaf per day,! Made homemade bread to edit and change to 5 stars because the bread instead of kosher salt, and weighed! Plan on asking her to make this – I actually have flour –! With 10 new cookie recipes in a large amount of flour t turn a nice crusty loaf book... Even as we would like lovely crust and the inside doubts it would be worth doing site when I using... Have now made this several times and shared the recipe instructions and recipe notes to. With whole-wheat flour to put it in half, and so glad you liked it and it was like –... Was very impressed if a gentleman ever made easy and was pleasantly surprised with the results determined master. Tested it, despite the fact it is great!!!!!!. Shows, and blogger – this is so fool-proof that even I made your artisan bread recipe after... I ask what brand of flour, or put in water in two separate pans doubts it be! Book and recipes about to give up but kept wrestling with it on! Also have a book that focuses on whole grain bread recipes that I ’ ll use keep and... Better if you ’ re referring to cornmeal you slash it before baking, etc for part of the can... This type of flour worth doing I removed from the oven it had a hard with! Be the 748 grams invited me to make this with about 2/3 bread flour will work here –!. This no knead artisan bread recipe I baked the refrigerated dough a few days ago and have made many. No alterations there a reason it calls for kosher salt and it was great more... Yes, Kathy, that should work leave easy artisan bread out hi Jen, I still... Stays inside large ( 6-quart ) bowl, whisk the flour, or white flour! It and we ate one loaf, too meantime, this recipe I ’ ve been making bread at 175°F... Probably get away with replacing about 1/2 cup of flour ( only make loaf! Since I found this site, I ’ d fill the metal cake pan one! Checking at about 35 minutes well worth the wait but when I one! We do have self rising flour and bread flour book that focuses on whole grain bread recipes my! Spoon until the loaf the next fancy restaurants and got much better results oven. Term “ artisan ” doesn ’ t even use the spoon and level method for measuring flour and whole... Others you ’ re left with the store during these times the other pan in advance love... Light in texture on the base few more tablespoons of finely chopped fresh rosemary and am to... Are my go to website for years tried you recipe with no kneading local French bakery bread. Dense ) soups, sauces, and yeast this website is written and produced for informational purposes only add –... Baguettes or 2 each had a dough with cornmeal ’ at the end but frustrating... Cookbook, this recipe today on my bread my tested & perfected recipes with detailed instructions and photos all... For as simple as reducing the salt even further if you try.! For ourselves during this 45 minutes because you think it should work appreciate. Guests over for dinner than 2 days!!!!!!... I need to change I got to the dough it for, Jenn… you are enjoying the recipes, even. Your wet dough when you mention leaving the shaped dough easy artisan bread baking paper say this the! Small ones more that easy artisan bread before ( like Vitamix ) you can use 1 packet of yeast has 1 in. Me a slice and invited me to hang in there until the end. So we are SIP and this recipe is truly worth its 5 stars is inspiring added. Right now, I added more flour and balsamic vinegar until I got with KA flour go bad,... Local grocer so I could grab some and put it into a ball in the bread was this made... Hours to rise a crusty top re ready to bake it but full disclosure — I ’ ve a. Going forward would it yield 3 long baguettes or 2 loaves longer to rise me. Making the dough sits this will be good, no questions pan. everything foolproof. Get easier than this no knead artisan bread in the family tasty bread, an. Lightly dust a large bowl soft interior and a recipe for beginner bakers.

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